How do paper-based offices can start becoming paperless with the use of QR codes?

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Paper-based workplaces face tons of tasks like attendance tracking, conducting meetings, talent polling, and many more. However, the paper-based office can make individual functions easier by using QR codes.

With the surge of smartphone usage, QR code has become very useful especially in streamlining workflows while at the same time, reducing paper use.

What is a QR code?

QR codes (short for “Quick Response” codes) got their start in 1994 in Japan when it is developed by a Toyota subsidiary named Denso Wave. QR codes are capable of storing lots of data, such as websites, social media, and PDF documents.

When scanned using a smartphone camera or a QR code reader app, the scanner will be redirected to a new destination, such as a website, social media profile, PDF pages, and more.

In today’s latest QR code technology innovation, everyone can now create their QR codes with the use of a QR code generator online and make the most out of their QR code campaigns.

Ways to use QR code in a workplace

QR codes can be used in several different ways, here are some examples:

Scan a QR code as attendance

Employees can easily check in and out of the office by just scanning a QR code via the cameras on their mobile phones. It allows employees to enter and exit a workplace safely and efficiently with fewer touchpoints.

For visitors, you can create a QR code and share it with them to contactless enter the building or worksite.

QR code for presentation

It can be very easy to get the attention of workmates who have their smartphones in a conference by converting a PDF document into a QR code.

Aside from presenting information in front of colleagues, they can also access and save it directly with their smartphones by scanning the QR code. This way, file sharing is seamless and convenient for office employees and meeting attendees.

Virtual meetings using QR code

Zoom meeting is the best app right now because it’s easy to use by just providing a link to employees.

You can convert the meeting link into a URL QR code, which will be scanned every meeting. You can also monitor attendance by tracking the QR code scans when you generate your QR code in a dynamic form.

Applying for a vacant position or promotion

It allows job hunters to view jobs posted by a company with the use of QR code displayed which provides a simple and effective way to apply for a job.

You can generate a PDF QR code that contains all the vacant positions or a URL QR code that will redirect applicants to a dedicated landing page for job applications.

It can also be used for employee promotion by displaying QR codes in visible areas in the office. Adding a logo will also give your QR code an easy visual symbol and will also catch the attention of applicants. Many companies are identified through their logo, not by name.

Contact tracing

If an employee is infected contact details and meeting information can be used to inform anyone who may have been exposed and prevent onward transmission. QR code helps to trace and stop the spread of the virus by providing the capability to track staff attendance.

To make their contact tracing QR code distinct from other QR codes that they use for their paperless office operations, businesses can use a QR code generator with logo as QRTIGER to create a customized contact tracing QR codes for staff and guests to easily recognize and scan them.


While QR codes have been around, ways of usage were applied in some areas like in the workplace.

Using QR codes safeguards employees’ health and improves workflow. With the advent of technology and the need to offer safer working conditions, QR codes are instrumental in every organization.

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