Elevating recruiter services for candidates and clients with recruitment software



Years of recruiting means experienced recruiters have a great deal of understanding when it comes to their candidates and clients. But sometimes, even the most experienced need the right tools to elevate their work and services. For recruiters, it is a recruitment software system that can do the trick.

Every recruitment agency knows that there are several types of recruitment CRM software solutions in the market. Every single one is valuable. But an urgent reminder for agencies is that it is critical to find CRM software that fits their needs and solves their challenges.

However, there are some underlying similarities in the services offered by different recruitment software vendors. Here are three of the most important ones today.

•           Software integration

Recruitment work is not performed in isolation. There are numerous tools and software systems used every day by recruiters. This means that good recruitment software should be capable of integrating smoothly with all the other software if recruiters are to do their job better.

So, recruiters must find CRM software that can integrate social media platforms which are extremely important for talent sourcing. It is equally necessary for the recruitment database software to incorporate properly with skills testing software, electronic signature software, etc. These ensure that the daily recruiting work is executed smoothly. Hence, a good CRM software tool must blend smoothly with these systems.

•            Automation

Every recruiter will realise at some point that they need to invest more time and energy in networking and relationship building and less on admin work. There is an enormous amount of time being spent on tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks. If that same time was devoted to nurturing relationship with clients and candidates then it would be more beneficial in the long run.

Automation facilitates easier and quicker work. A prominent example of this is CV parsing. Recruiters spend days going through hundreds of CVs. But the same job can be executed perfectly and accomplished in minutes by a recruitment software system. Automation also ensures that communication is stronger and better. Responding to emails and sending text messages becomes easier via a good recruitment CRM. And better communication leads to happier candidates and clients as well as more favourable results.

•            Compliance checks

Checking legal compliance is mandatory in recruiting work. And there are different things to observe and check. Right-to-work documents have to be carefully assessed. Similarly, GDPR checks and the more recent IR35 compliance checks have to be done thoroughly.

Recruiters can perform these important assessments easily with the help of recruitment software. It is advantageous to use software to process these checks because of the legal ramifications in case of a mistake. These checks are also quite complex and not every recruiter might be capable of carrying them out easily. Mistakes have to be paid with hefty fines which can adversely affect businesses.

Importance of good customer service

These are three of the most essential software features for staffing agencies. These must be considered when recruiters are on the lookout for a new recruitment CRM platform.

But there is another equally important aspect to selecting great recruitment software – excellent customer service.

Many staffing agencies and their recruiters will easily overlook this. However, it is advised to research carefully and find a software vendor that has a good reputation for taking care of their customers.

Great client support is fundamental to the customer experience. Having a supplier who makes it their priority to respond promptly to all the client queries is imperative for the ultimate user experience. Proper market research is essential to find a supplier who can cater for this kind of support and service. 

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.