Situated in Gujarat,  TLG Gaming India has become a famous dealer of Computer Equipment and Embellishments. The organization markets a run of PC adornments and includes a wide choice of things in each category. Cabinets, Control Supplies, Motherboards, RAMs, Design Cards, Processors, etc., are few things that are part of the essential center.

The company’s items are inside a reasonable cost extend together with bargains that one can’t say no to. Their generation comprises overhauled items and features a rumored title in competitive gaming. Their products are conveyed over India with the assistance of a viable conveyance framework that conveys within 48 hours.

About the product

Glorious GMMK Modular Mechanical Keyboard Full Size (White Ice) – GATERON BROWN SWITCH

Starting with glorious, it is one of the fanciest and elegant keyboards a gamer must have come across. With its alluring beauty, your battle station can achieve the much-deserved icy-clean upgrade. The product is equipped with a matte silver body, sandblasted aluminum faceplate, and has all-white keycaps.

Technical specifications

Mechanical switch- Gateron Brown

Removable switches and keycaps

Removable and non-removable USB cords

Keycaps- ASB double injection

Backlight- 16.8 million color RGB LED as backlight with multiple effects

Core- 6 ft. braided core


Foremost, it is customizable as the keycaps can be taken out and replaced with your customized keycap. Any renowned brand of compatible MX switch can be used for it. The keyboard is designed with the plan of featuring minimalism as well as elegance.

There are a variety of MX switches to choose from. Each switch has a distinct feel, sensation, and sound to it. For someone who gets excited with changing switches and trying something new every day, you can shove away the monotone through the swappable switches. One day it’s brown switches, the next day, surprise yourself!

To keep your keyboard from slipping, use rubber feet and pads. A holder for the keycap puller is also included. With the GMMK program, you can create and assign macros to any key. Only pre-built keyboards have secondary icons. Availability of easy-on-the-eyes lighting for the numeric keys, caps, and win lock.

On the back of the keyboard, pop-up feet make it easier for one to elevate the keyboard. Compared to its predecessor, some changes regarding the design and the adaptation of the USBC port have been made.


  • The minimalist design is glamorous.
  • Replaceable keycaps and switches, customizable
  • For your convenience, it comes in three sizes.
  • You have the option of getting it fully assembled or barebones (DIY)
  • Both models can be hot-swapped.
  • USB-C cable that can be removed
  • Strong, hefty construction with a kickstand for a better typing angle


  • The keyboard is a little bendable with the usage of little force. While traveling with it, this is one thing to keep in mind.
  • The rubber feet and pads attached to prevent the keyboard from slipping are ineffective.
  • The pre-built option is only available with Gateron Browns
  • The Barebone Edition is less expensive but includes separate components.
  • Without additional work, it is not compatible with 5-pin switches.
  • MacOS doesn’t support this program.


Rs. 10,399 (inclusive of taxes)

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