BlueJeans Telehealth: Revolutionizing Virtual Health Care


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Telehealth platforms are becoming an increasingly popular way to deliver healthcare, due to their ability to connect patients more easily with doctors and specialists according to their needs. BlueJeans Telehealth allows healthcare providers to hold virtual appointments with patients via video conferencing.

This type of technology can be particularly beneficial for patients who live in rural areas or who have difficulty traveling to a doctor’s office. In addition, telehealth platforms can help to reduce wait times for appointments, as well as the overall cost of healthcare. As more and more people turn to telehealth platforms for their healthcare needs, it is clear that these platforms are changing the way healthcare is delivered.

The pandemic has forced healthcare providers and patients alike to reevaluate the way that care is delivered. In response to the shutdown of non-essential services, virtual health platforms have become a lifeline for many people who need to see a doctor but are unable or unwilling to visit a physical location. While the initial uptake of telehealth was driven by necessity, it has become clear that this new form of care has many advantages over traditional in-person models.

For many patients, the convenience and accessibility of virtual appointments have been a lifesaver during a time of social distancing and lockdowns. And while there are still some limitations to virtual care, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Virtual health care allows providers to reach a wider range of patients and ultimately improve patient outcomes. As we enter a new era of health care, it’s essential that we retain access to virtual care options.

What should I look for in a Telehealth Platform?

BlueJeans by Verizon’s telehealth platform replicates the in-person interactions and maps the user experience to clinical team workflows. EHR Integration allows access to patient records which enables and streamlines virtual health care. Licensing options include per-visit pricing, and the HIPAA-ready platform includes security features to protect sensitive personal information.

The patient landing experience by BlueJeans by Verizon includes symptom capture fields for a more personalized care experience. In addition, the data-driven integration system links with health app data. Giving clinicians a more comprehensive picture of your overall health. Language is also no barrier with its medical interpreter services covering 200+ languages. With BlueJeans by Verizon, accessing virtual health care is quick and easy.

The digital healthcare market is an emerging and growing area. Virtual care has the potential to expand access in a cost-effective way, while also making it more convenient for patients who are unable or unwilling to travel. BlueJeans’ Telehealth provides revolutionary next-generation virtual health care services to drive better patient outcomes.