How to Land a Lucrative Social Media Job



Forward-looking brands are already using social media to build vibrant communities, engage with customers, and generate quality leads. However, the rest that failed to take their social media presence seriously are now investing heavily into it.

Consequently, the demand for tech-savvy social media professionals has skyrocketed lately. You don’t need to bag a digital marketing degree to become a sought-after expert. Ready to land your next social media job? Read on.

1.   Get the necessary skills

Endeavor to assess your strengths and weaknesses at this stage. Taking this step can help you discover the areas you should focus on. More so, it will be easier to find good gigs when browsing social media job boards.

Most brands expect you to have at least one year of working experience. If you’re considering social media marketing, focus on getting content creation skills, data analytic skills, and communication skills. There’s ample room to refine your skills as you work your way up in your career.

2.   Consider interning or volunteering

Leverage paid or unpaid internship opportunities as you start your social media career. Contrary to popular belief, these opportunities are not meant for students only. Interning at a reputable organization will help you put your skills and knowledge into practice.

Besides, you’ll also get real-time feedback and have something tangible to present whenever a prospective client asks for your portfolio.

Taking an entry-level gig doesn’t imply that you’ll be stuck in that position for life.  

Interning isn’t the only way to get work experience. Volunteering your services to a friend or local business that needs a little extra help is another option.

3.   Maximize your platforms

Once you’ve created your social media accounts, the next thing is to share valuable content that fits each platform. The rule of thumb is to choose a few platforms instead of jumping on all the available ones.

This isn’t the time to give the excuse that you don’t love posting on social media. Try curating your profile in a way that will be easy for you to achieve your goals and gain visibility. It’s possible to add value without oversharing.

Several social media specialists also run blogs which have established them as thought leaders in their niche. You can set up a free blog in a few minutes without purchasing a domain name or paying for hosting services.  

4.   Maintain professionalism

Some social media users often argue that they can share anything on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram since they own the account. Sadly, many have lost juicy opportunities because of the kind of content they share.

Recruiters will likely visit your profile before finalizing the hiring process. Truth be told, being professional on social media doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Nevertheless, avoid ranting or sharing raunchy visuals if you want to find and retain jobs.

5.   Network with others

It’s not ideal to build your social media career in isolation, especially if you work remotely. There is a high chance of getting steady referrals if the people in your network know about your expertise. Bear in mind that networking is a two-way street – you must add value too.

Whenever you come across companies you’re interested in working with, follow them immediately. This will enable you to get alerts on fresh openings and catch a glimpse of their culture.