9 Helpful Tips on Creating Quality Time with Family



One of the stressors of the modern world is that we find that we have so little time together as families. You may be rushing to the latest school sport event, or doing homework or chores with our kids. As a result, you have so little time to simply enjoy each other or discuss deeper issues in life.

Is there a remedy? Yes! Whether you go looking for pool tables for sale as a means of spending time with them, or whether you all sit down at the dinner table tonight, quality family time is possible. And we’ll show you how.

Create Special Time for Them—Priority #1

The most important aspect of your schedule is to make time on the calendar to spend with your loved ones. This means that nothing is allowed to be slotted into that time, unless it’s a medical emergency.

So, deliberately plan events, especially where they are going to blend with normal life occasions, like breakfast. You should also schedule time that is simply fun time.

We’ll take a look at what kinds of activities you can do to lighten up your life.

Activities You can do with Your Family—That Everyone is Bound to Love

Play Pool

Playing pool with your kids is a great way to get into their world. You not only play a game with them, but you have the opportunity to have some great discussions about life. Philosophy, the meaning of life, values and the like are up for grabs, as are the challenges in life that your child is facing.

Table Tennis Round Robin

Table tennis round robin is a really fun game where you have two players start off hitting the ball to the opposite side. They then drop the bat on the table and run round to the other side. At the other side, they will stand in a queue to pick up the bat and hit it across the table tennis table. The person who misses the ball is out.

If you have a small family, you can get the kids’ friends to come along. It’s a solid team building game for when your family is feeling a little frazzled.

Air Hockey

Another piece of equipment you can bring into your home is an air hockey table. Playing with pucks and scoring goals is an exciting activity at any age. It’s sure to gather neighbourhood kids together, and create a sound social life for your children.


If you want to move outdoors, then play baseball as a family. You don’t need too many people, and it can help your kids be more active and get ready for school sports. Doing something active together as a family is bonding, and helps to relieve stress.

Go for a Stroll

Going for a regular ramble round your neighbourhood can enhance everyone’s perspective of the world. Helping your children notice the neighbourhood, and find out more about nature is an excellent way of developing their observation skills. You can also have conversations about life and problems, and how to solve issues or accept suffering—since suffering is very common in nature. It’s very effective, because it’s less threatening than a sit-down chat.

Fix Things Together

There are usually myriads of items around the home that need fixing, right? Why not have DIY time with your kids? It prepares them for adulthood, and develops their problem-solving abilities. So, whether you fix the washer on a tap or paint the fence or drill a hole in the wall, you’re giving them vital life lessons for their future. Plus, it makes it less boring for you.

Read Together

For both younger and older children, reading together promotes several skills. In younger kids, it develops the imagination and storytelling skills, as well as comprehension. For teens, you could read the same book together and discuss the content using questionnaires you’re sure to find online.

Plan a Monthly Outing

If you go on an excursion every month, you create scenarios to develop their general knowledge and create opportunities for adventure. In addition, going to an art museum or historical landmark, or visiting a waterpark will not only meet those aims, but also help create memories.

Do Charity Work Together

In order to develop children holistically and create an awareness of the needs in others, it’s good to be involved in charity work. Go to local orphanages and play with the kids, or paint the walls of an old age home—whatever you choose, it needs to be meaningful to your child, and demand a certain level of self-sacrifice.


Family time doesn’t have to be dull or boring. Nor does it always involve spending money or doing fun activities. It can be as simple as a walk in the park. What will you do this weekend?

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.