Tips on buying genuine auto spare parts



The number of car owners has increased exponentially over the last few years. The rising demand has seen tremendous growth in the number of new car brands entrants in the market. That should also tell you how also how booming the spare parts business is. That comes with its challenge because unscrupulous business people take advantage of the need and flood the market with fake ones. In fact, if you’re not keen, you may buy a phony part at the same price as the genuine one.

Now, the following tips will help you identify genuine auto parts and avoid the fake ones.

Check what you need

You have to first check the spare parts you need and their quantities. If you’re not careful, you may end up buying a part that you don’t need and even miss some other that you needed. 

Some parts are so expensive that you lose a lot of money if you buy the wrong one. If you’re looking for the gearbox, for example, you need to know what other parts go with it. Check to see that it’s also compatible with your car type.

Proper research

If you want to get an excellent spare part, you’ve to check out from as many online dealers as possible. Once you’ve the spare parts you needed, you need to check out what different brands are offering. Think of the price variances- is it cheaper to buy online or offline? Talk with the local spare parts distributors to see if they have the auto spares you need. After all, why go too far for the same items you can get locally. As you compare the parts with prices, ensure that they are compatible with your car. With proper research, you get the best type of a spare part at an affordable fee.

OEM part numbers

It’s prudent for you to take note of the OEM part numbers. If you need a spare part, calling the station may help. Most manufacturers will have their spare parts catalogs where you can quickly locate them. There are online links that you can also use to search for the specific spare part by entering the car model, year of manufacture. There you’ll get a list of genuine parts that you can choose from.

Payment and shipping

You’ve now added your required spare parts to your shopping carts. You must check out for your preferred mode of payment. On some online sites, you’ll know their charges and the delivery timelines. That way, you can money and time better. You’ll also be in a better position to call your mechanic to fix the auto part.

Shortlist the auto parts

You have an option to compare as many spare parts varieties as you wish. A reputable online spare parts company like Nash metropolitan parts will give you a list of the available brands. If you’re looking for tires, you’ll be able to compare brands like Michelin and others, their prices, and thus choose the best quality depending on what you can afford.

If you want your car to serve you well and minimize the inconveniences that come with repairs, then you’d better get genuine spare parts from a reputable store.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.