The Latest hair regrowth Treatment methods for Hair Loss


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Until it’s gone, it is easy to take hair for granted. In the last 5-7 years there has been a boom in the understanding of hair loss and hair regrowth. Let’s learn about this in detail.

Stages of hair growth

Hair growth goes through several distinct stages:

  • Anagen phase: This is the growth stage of hair. The permanent part of the follicle gives the “go” signal to hair matrix cells. These cells grow wildly and become pigmented. And then create a new hair shaft. At any given time, 90% of hair cells are in this stage. (Source: NCBI)
  • Exogen phase: The new hair shaft pushes the dead hair shaft out of the skin and the old hair falls out.
  • Catagen phase: During the catagen phase, hair follicle renews itself by shrinking to 1/6th of its length. This phase lasts for about 2-3 weeks in general.
  • Telogen phase: The withered follicle rests. It waits for a signal telling it to start all over again.

Common hair loss problems

  • Androgenic alopecia

When men get a receding M-shaped hairline and thinning hair on the top of the head, it is known as male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. And it’s caused by a by-product of testosterone called DHT. Aging women have a similar problem. Their hair gets thin and it is known as female pattern baldness.

  • Telogen effluvium

Even though the name is fancy, it means increased hair shedding as many hair follicles enter the exogen stage all at once.The good news here is that hair lost in this way almost always grows back in a few months.

  • Chemotherapy-induced alopecia

Chemotherapy forces follicles in the growth stage into the catagen stage. The hair shaft does not grow as it should. So, the hair breaks and falls out. The good news is that when chemotherapy is over, the follicles regenerate. The bad news is that chemotherapy causes total hair loss.

  • Alopecia areata

At times, a person’s immune system attacks the cells of the growing hair bulb. This autoimmune condition is called alopecia areata.

Hair regrowth treatments

  • Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells help restore lost hair and the chance of losing more hair drops drastically.These stem cells help the multiplication of the hair follicles at a faster pace, thereby promoting new hair growth.

With the advent of new technology, you are now blessed with a long-lasting remedy for hair loss– Stem cell therapy. This therapy uses a derma roller (a tiny roller with needles on it) that penetrates to the inner layer of your skin and injects stem cells at the base of your hair. It addresses the problem of thinning hair for both men and women. It is a semi-invasive non-surgical process which helps in regrowth and regeneration of your hair.

Dr Batra’s™ STM Cell therapy is the latest revolutionary hair treatment based on French technology. It works on stem cells that endorse new hair growth within six weeks of the treatment. It involves minimal or rather no pain. It has no side effects at all and is an absolutely safe therapy. It reinstates cellular increase and cellular growth by improving blood circulation. It repairs hair follicles to their original size and reduces hair thinning. It increases hair volume and density. It is painless and effective. This therapy helps fight hair loss and also improves the quality and texture of hair.

The procedure takes just 60 minutes once a week and treatment duration is 10 weeks. You can see visible results in 6 weeks without any side-effects. It has an 88% treatment success rate.

  • GroHAIR

It is based on a Nobel Prize winning discovery. This therapy is used to treat hair loss due to alopecia areata. This is a non-invasive treatment that improves hair volume and stimulates hair growth. This therapy helps to correct hormonal imbalances in and around the hair follicle, delivers nutrients to your hair and improves blood circulation. This procedure takes just 30 minutes once a week. This hair regrowth treatment is convenient and you can witness visible results in 5 weeks. This treatment has a 77% success rate.

  • Hair Vitalizing Treatment (HVT)

HVT is a US-FDA approved low-level laser hair therapy. It mainly helps in hair fall control. Also, it restores the growth of hair follicles. The procedure takes just 20 minutes once a week. You can see visible results in 5 weeks without any side-effects.This treatment has a 90% success rate.

If you notice excessive hair fall and poor hair regrowth, visit the nearest homeopathy clinic and seek safe treatment.

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