How to Troubleshoot some of the frequently occurring Garage Door Breakouts

It’s very easy to get frustrated as all the odds are against you, but troubleshooting takes its own sweet time. Just remember, by the time it was operational, one never bothered to pay attention or to oil and grease. In this guide, we are here to assist you in your hard times. A simple look at one of these mostly encountered garage door problems would be enough to pinpoint whether the garage door has a minor breakdown or has just faced a major one and needs a professional hand. 

1. Look for the Transmitter Batteries

This may sound cliché, but major breakdowns are directly related to battery failure. Since every battery has a certain recharge cycle, it needs time to time replacement. One should never forget to timely replace the transmitter batteries. Traditionally the battery pack was just placed back of the transmitter and could be removed by applying force. With the advancement in transmitter design, one might now need a screwdriver to lose a few screws of the back penal. 

If the cause had been batteries, changing them would allow it to send a signal to operate. Voila! Now all you have is a fully functional garage door. 

2. Alignment Problem with Photo Eye Sensors

Back in the 19th century, when we used to be kids, there was a time when just to save a few extra minutes. A continuous chase took place between our flexibility and the garage door’s descent rate. We have to run and tuck down to crawl right under the door. Thanks to the modern garage door, it won’t allow any such nuisance. 

Present-day doors come equipped with Photo Eye Sensor specially designed to project invisible beams just to make sure nothing is under its path. A couple of times dust, pollens, and insects cause deposits over the sensor thus shutting down its projection. With debris on the top, it confuses the sensor to mimic as if someone is in its path. Cleaning them would reprogram the sensor to do its job. It would be smart to say, Photo Eye Sensors are meaningful inventions to safeguard others as well as the property.  

3. The Track on which it Operates is not Aligned Properly

The major mechanical breakdown is the ones where unfortunately door slips out of tracks. Remember, it’s extremely dangerous to operate the garage door if you find any kind of cracks or bends in the rails of the track. The heavyweight of the door, itself when compound can cause serious injury to anyone inside the garage at that time. So if you find yourself stuck like this, it’s better to reach out to a professional.

4. Something Might go Against Transmitters

Although rare at the time, there have been cases where transmitters completely go haywire. However, before blaming the transmitter directly, first, make sure you are within the range of the transmitter. Each transmitter has its own range passing that, it won’t operate. The best way to be in the range is to wait and let your car first touchdown your driveway. If even after that the door isn’t operating, there are high chances there might be some issue with the transmitter. And it’s the right time to call for professionals if the problem persists.

5. Broken Springs!

If you are sure of rest and have strong clairvoyance that everything else is working fine, which is right from transmitters to tracks and even the battery. Not to forget the photo-eye, it’s now time to inspect the springs of the garage door. The main role of the torsion spring is to pull back the garage door. Check for any cracks in the spring, or you could Visit website to find more about it. 

6. Check for Manual Locking

The easiest check for manual locking is to operate the gate via remote. If you notice, the opener motor runs for a few seconds and then completely shuts off. It’s a clear sign for manual locking.


A simple cross inspection of checks mentioned here in the article would be more than enough to troubleshoot any minor garage door problem. However, if you notice nothing is going as mentioned, it’s best and advisable to leave the matter in the hands of an expert. Keep in mind garage door involves a lot of chains and mechanical heavy weighed instruments, any negligence would only result in serious injury or heavy maintenance cost.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.