Business Savant Rex Barr Launches Catan Strategy Group to Foster Sustainability and Increase ROI



Starting a business during the pandemic can be a nerve-wracking affair, and yet it can prove to be successful especially if everybody else is holding back. To make things worse, statistics show that around half of startups don’t really hit their mark and fold up after just a year.

Entrepreneurial expert Rex Barr recently launched his own group, Catan Strategy Group in order to help businesses thrive and get the niche they’ve been seeking. The company offers custom-tailored consultancy services so they can get maximum ROI.

Catan Strategy Group’s Business Model and Mission

To increase the chances of a startup realizing its potential, Rex B. has opened an avenue so they could get the help they need.

Rex Barr is no stranger to the entrepreneurial industry. At a young age, he has displayed an exceptional acumen in maintaining and managing businesses. The companies he started have grown into multi-million dollar brands, with one gaining over $80 million in value. This didn’t come from a huge capital, though- Rex practically began with nothing and used his intelligence to grow his ideas into something profitable.

Barr has applied his entrepreneurial skills in just about every industry, from finance to real estate to marketing and even healthcare. Currently, he employs over a thousand people in Pennsylvania.

Growing Businesses in the 21st Century

Catan Strategy Group is a timely platform that can empower entrepreneurs and startup companies. The reason why so many businesses fail is that they might not be thinking about their return on investment, marketing and other critical aspects of running a company.

Barr aims to involve companies and impart with them strategies they can learn and apply and achieve growth in terms of profit and revenue by 24 percent and 18 percent on average. His passion and knowledge can surely help first-timers get their businesses up and running.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.