What Spark Erosion is and Its Advantages



There are a few automation systems and methods utilized to ascertain the smooth and efficient running of machines.

But machines still fail because of the knowledge that crew members lack on a certain system. For that reason, it is imperative to consider installing and maintaining the system in the right order so as to avoid damage to your machine. This is where spark erosion comes into the picture.

So, What Is Spark Erosion

This is a precise disintegration process of metal. Basically, a spark erosion machine produces electrical chargers with a high current and a low voltage level.

When this charge is directed through the electrode of the machine, it will be able to disintegrate or cut through metal in a controlled fashion.

Most machining processes usually combine cutting capabilities of charge with dielectric fluid or cold water, which shocks the molten metal to further break down.

The entire process doesn’t need a direct connection between the workpiece surface and electrode. So operators may direct spark to hard-to-reach and small surfaces without disturbing adjacent planes.

How the Process Works

To start the process, you will require two things. A metallic piece is the first thing you will need to work on. This piece of metal can be made of either steel or aluminum.

The second piece is an electrode. The electrode’s shape doesn’t really count. You may opt for an electrode, which is shaped like a cylinder, or consider going for complex shapes, such as:

  • Diaphragm
  • Polygon

After choosing the electrode you want, you can mount it on your machine and align it with the travel direction. Basically, the process starts after the alignment has been double-checked to ensure everything is in order.

The piece you’re working on should be soaked in the dielectric liquid. Usually, the machine is fitted with hydraulics and motion electronics. This enables the electrode to move near the workpiece, producing sparks, which gently move the electrode and workpiece to cut through.

What Spark Erosion Is Used For

It is used for various complex tasks, with multi-feature sparking across one operation. This usually incorporates what is called multi-axis erosion that cuts the workpiece into three axes at the same time.

Spark erosion boasts technology that allows use on different electrode materials, including graphite and copper, so that pieces consisting of delicate metals, like titanium and Inconel, can be worked on.


Technically, spark erosion enables companies to achieve details that will otherwise be impossible or too complex to get using traditional cutting techniques and is particularly important for alternations to even hard materials, like press tools.

It as well guarantees perfect surface finish and helps to drill fine and small holes. The machining process would be possible to easily achieve desired designs. Since there is no connection between the piece and the tool, working on weak materials or intricate sections will be simple without any distortion.

The Takeaway!

Spark erosion remains the most cost-effective and fastest solution to recover a machine that some broken tools have compromised. So the process can be helpful if you want a good surface finish, and you may use spark erosion machinery to drill smaller as well as finer holes.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.