Guided Meditation for Beginners


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An Introduction to Guided Chakra Meditation

Improving mental strength, aches, pains, fatigue, and heart health are priorities for many. As a result, meditation, as a drug-free and low impact option has soared in popularity. In addition to self-reported benefits, the scientific community has conducted countless studies on the impressive benefits of meditation. Even Hollywood (Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Clint Eastwood) and the US government (Barack Obama, Tim Ryan) promote meditation. Buddhist and Hindu (Sanskrit) meditations are easily the oldest origins of meditation.

Ancient Sanskrit scriptures have been followed for aeons although few in the west have access to these age-old writings. Included in the scriptures and teachings are how to channel the earth’s pure frequency energies. Guided chakra meditation in Sydney includes these rare earth element healing frequencies with each attendee. 

Guided Chakra Meditation

What are the benefits of guided chakra meditation?

1. Mental health

With improved mental strength comes greater resilience to negativity, stress, and becoming overwhelmed with anger or sadness.

2. Physical health

Meditation encourages the body to heal, reduces inflammation and pain, and increases blood flow. Increased blood flow reduces the toll of high blood pressure on the cardiovascular system.

3. Spiritual health

The spiritual side of meditation is about having faith in and trusting yourself, and your ability to heal your body. Meditators often develop improved intuition, perception, and awareness.

Earth’s Energies

We are surrounded by energies from the earth and other people in every moment. When we are down, unwell or exhausted, our energies change – just as they change when we are light and joyful. The goal of chakra meditation is to balance the chakras which leads to feeling more balanced and grounded.

Balance and Peace

It may be hard to imagine laying down for even 10 minutes and feeling 100% relaxed. How do meditators actually calm their minds? Think of meditation like an onion. Each time you meditate, you peel away one more layer of chaos, imbalance, and negativity. In addition to meditating, chakra crystal necklaces channelled with the earth’s energies can help shield against negative attacks and maintain balance.

Meditation Guides

Listening to guided meditations can help the mind focus on what is being heard rather than trying to remember what to do next. Learning from a meditation teacher who has studied and trained in Sanskrit techniques is the best way to go. However, we do not all have someone nearby with this special skill set. Fortunately, there is an Australian meditation guide who has channelled ancient energies into a recorded meditation course. The guided meditation course pack and kit for beginners guides new meditators through a series of meditations that they can listen to whenever is convenient for them.

When you want to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health without expensive medications, meditation is worth exploring. When you are just starting, try guided meditations from a reputable teacher to ensure you experience all of the benefits.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.