Getting Positive Results From Negative Reviews



So, you have ended up with a nasty review. Well, fret not, because you cannot certainly satisfy each customer. From time to time, you will come across disgruntled customers that perhaps rate you unfairly. Now the key would be to stay vigilant with the help of review management tools.

As soon as you spot a negative or a less-than-average review, it is time to get to work. Today, business owners fear the repercussions a lot due to review websites such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, and even retail platforms such as Alibaba, and Amazon.

For a new business, a single negative review could lead to the loss of several business opportunities. So, it makes sense why a nasty review would be every business owner’s worst nightmare. But fortunately, there are ways to diminish the effect of negative reviews.

How to get Good Results from Negative Reviews?

Potentially, you could also turn a negative review into positive results depending on how you choose to deal with it. It also depends on different review sites like Google reviews vs. Yelp. Let us look at certain examples that you might find helpful.

Think Ahead of Time

Whether you are a service provider or sell a product, it is critical to communicate with your customer thoroughly and to make sure that nothing during the sales process turns into an annoyance for them.

Most of the time, negative reviews result from a lack of communication. So, even if there are any delays, make sure that you have communicated them all to your customers. This will help prevent any negative repercussions.

Do Not Panic

It is easy to panic when a negative review pops up on the timeline. However, it is best if you try not to panic and rather focus on the ways you can turn this into a positive result. Fortunately, there are many ways.

Firstly, make sure that you have responded appropriately to the negative review. This only shows that you are courteous enough to care about the negative experiences of your customers. Also, consider offering compensation for the negative experience that your customers have had.

Whether they accept the compensation or not is a different story. However, your future customers will be able to see that at least, you tried to make things right. And that sends a very positive message, which is quite reassuring for paranoid customers.

Focus On The Bigger Picture

Make sure that isolated events like these do not detract you from your main goal, which is the growth of your business in the long-term and exceptional services. So, rather than getting your perspective skewed, start focusing on ways to get positive reviews.

A single or even a couple of negative reviews would not do much harm in a sea of positive reviews. Even potential customers understand the fact that it is impossible to deliver perfect results every time.

However, the odds should look great and that is what determines the success of a business in the long term. For that, you might have to take the help of a review management platform. Just be ready to do whatever it takes!