6 Must-Have Things You Need in your Presentation Kit



If you are good at presenting projects at work, you already know what makes a good presentation. You are a storyteller, you know your audience, and you are audible enough. Do you know the tools you need to complete your presentation? Remember, no matter how well you have organized your information, the way you present it matters a lot. So, you need to have a kit with the right tools. This way, you can always have a solution should a mishap happen. Here are 6 things that you must have in your presentation kit if you want a successful presentation.

1. Accessories

It is always important to go prepared with the right accessories. For instance, if you want people to understand your presentation better, it could be a great idea to create a concept map. This map breaks down your ideas into a more understandable way, making it easy for the audience to get you. Other things you need, both tangible and intangible, include handouts for the audience, a soft copy of your presentation, the layout of the conference room, and a printed copy of the presentation.  

2. A Reliable Source of Electricity

It is advisable to come with an extension of your preferred length. This helps you to connect several devices and choose where you want your gadgets to stay. Make sure to keep the excess cord under the table or somewhere safe to prevent tripping.

3. Equipment

You will most likely have your laptop. However, there are other tools that you must have. Make sure you have a projector, a microphone, a mouse pad, a video adapter, cables, and a remote. You might get these tools in a conference facility, but it is always advisable to bring your own if you want to be at ease. The good thing about having your own equipment is that it is easy to solve problems when they happen.

4. A Timer

You don’t want to be cut short in the middle of your presentation if time is restricted. Even though the monitor will display time, you might lose track when you are deep in your presentation. So, the best thing to do is carry a timer. It will help you to see how long you have taken, and how much time you have to the end of your presentation.

5. Sound Equipment

The room will probably have a sound system where you can feed your files. However, it won’t hurt to have external speakers. The power of the speakers will be determined by the size of the room. The important thing is to be audible to your audience. So, make sure you have quality sound equipment.

6. A Bottle of Water

Talking throughout for hours could leave your mouth feeling dry. Even though you might get water from the conference room, make sure you carry yours in case you don’t get it. Avoid headaches and a dry mouth by putting a few bottles of water in your kit.

Final Thoughts!

These are essential things you need to have in your kit when delivering a presentation. They will boost you and ensure you can troubleshoot any problem that comes your way. Add them to your presentation skills, and you will be good to go.