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In this day and age, increasing brand exposure and online content marketing seem to be the way for businesses to gain an audience in today’s age. Nevertheless, traditional marketing tools like press releases remain essential for companies of various sizes. 

Some may question their importance because they seem outdated or old-fashioned. After all, social media channels have taken over when it comes to a business” content strategy and communication. Be that as it may, this article will offer some insights into the importance of a press release and why businesses should consider hiring a press release service for their public relations needs. 

As defined by Forbes, a press release is a formal, official announcement created to express newsworthy information about a business. Ideally, it should promote a company, archive necessary data for future use, and boost their SEO. Press releases are designed to inform journalists, media professionals, and the general public about what is happening within the business. 

There are many reasons why press releases are essential for a business. Firstly, they can help build credibility. Ultimately, every company wants to be seen as credible. A press release is a fantastic way to do just that because many still view them as a trusted source of information. According to research, companies that consistently distribute high-quality and accurate press releases allow them to build credibility with journalists as well as existing and potential customers. They can be handy for startups and small businesses to get the word out there about their brand. Research has also shown that gaining press coverage can help a company or brand get into the public forum since around 44% of media professionals still consider press releases the most trustworthy source of brand-new information. 

Press releases are not just available to media professionals anymore thanks to the rise of social media. They can also be made available to the public through different social media channels, allowing businesses to interact with different consumers. However, it is crucial to know how and when to market them on the various platforms. Moreover, with the rise of online marketing, having information published online will be beneficial for a company’s brand and search engine optimization (SEO). Nowadays, a well-written press release that utilizes SEO best practices allows search engines to find, match, index, and rank a press release. With over 50,000 searches occurring per second, high-ranking press releases on Google and other search engines provide enhanced exposure for existing and potential customers. This means that the importance of press releases does not stop at simply building media relationships; they also carry through a company’s marketing strategy, including generating their search engine traffic. 

As mentioned previously, press releases give companies the ability to connect with journalists and media outlets, therefore boosting their publicity. If a press release is current and timely, a reporter can pick it up for any news media or anyone interested in the topic. In other words, a good press release can create opportunities for more publicity in radio, television interviews, quotes in newspaper articles, and many more. 

Finally, press releases can also help when it comes to crisis communications. They are a valuable tool if things go wrong because it allows companies to tell the story first. A crisis communications press release offers a way for companies to define a crisis that they and their stakeholders are facing, along with a concrete plan of mitigating the damage and helping those impacted. It helps quell skepticism around the company by providing transparent communication regarding the facts and establishing a central source of information. 

Now that we have looked at the importance of press releases, let us look at how they can be created. 

While you may want to create your press release with an in-house PR team, sometimes the better option may be to hire a press release service outside the company. However, before you choose that option, you need to research which press release service is the best. Ultimately, a good press release service can transform your company image using the right strategies. Let us look at some factors that set the best press release service apart from others. 

1) They have Significant Traffic 

Since press releases are designed to be distributed to many media professionals, you must consider how much traffic the press releases distributed by a specific service provider get. To effectively do so, you should do your research and check the service’s website to determine its daily traffic. While this may seem tedious, this information will help you avoid wasting your money on low-performing press release services. Additionally, you can take advantage of software tools to determine the website’s ranking information. This will ultimately help you identify a website’s traffic numbers. 

2) They have Different Distribution Channels 

To determine which press release service is the best, you need to pay attention to how many different distribution channels they have. You need to see what media outlets, newswire services, and sites the service distributes to. Most of the time, press releases services adjust their scope depending on the type of membership subscription a company chooses. Generally, good service provider will have a wide range of local to global media outlets. 

3) They are Cost-Effective 

Press release services can differ in price points, so you need to look at your budget and marketing needs. This will help you set aside an appropriate budget that aligns with your financial capabilities as well as the goals you want to meet with your press release. Once you have done that, you need to look for a service to help you meet those needs at an affordable price. 

It’s important to understand that a higher price does not necessarily mean high-quality service, and a lower price does not mean low-quality service. In order to choose the best option for your company, you need to compare the benefits from different press release services and settle for the one that works for your needs and budget. 

4) They have an Easy-to-Use Interface 

Over-complication can annoy just about anyone. So, when picking a press release service, you should consider an easy-to-use user interface. Press release services often provide potential clients with a free trial period to distribute their press releases for free and see whether they are comfortable using the interface. Generally, the free trial period will give users access to instructions and demonstrations for using the press release platform. 

Suppose the press release services provide a free trial. In that case, you must take advantage of the opportunity to review the platform and its services before deciding whether you want to use the paid version. 

5) They have Analytics

A good press release distribution service should provide companies with a way to measure their progress and offer intuitive data from their PR efforts. If a service does not provide a way to measure, track or monitor PR efforts, it is almost impossible to see significant growth from the time and energy you put into doing PR. Some services will also have PR professionals readily available to help you figure out the best PR options and improve on your PR efforts. 

6) They Offer Additional Features and add-Ons

While most press release services will only provide the basics, the best ones offer extra features or services. To understand what they offer, you need to compare the add-ons from different service providers to see whether they will help you increase your reach.

7) They Should Provide Guaranteed Placement 

While distributing a press release does not automatically ensure media coverage, a good press release service provider should have a wide range of network coverage and distribution. PR professionals know that a press release cannot be successful unless it reaches the right audience and is viewed extensively. So, if a provider offers guaranteed placement, you can safely assume that they have valuable experience as well as excellent connections in the industry.

8) They Prioritize Quality Services Over Quantity 

When looking for a press release service provider, you will discover that many offer too many services at a low price. Don’t let such services distract you. You should be careful with press release services that offer an infinite number of services at a negligible cost. Remember that good public relations costs money. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Remember that quality must always take precedence over quantity when it comes to business. It’s critical to emphasize the value and relevance of a press release when disseminating it. After all, the main goal of sending out a press release is to communicate important information to the company’s target audience. If your press release service does not distribute an engaging, interesting, and high-quality press release, you will fall short of your goal.

Thousands of journalists and newsrooms receive news releases from press release distribution services. However, you will not get the results you expect if the software fails to place your release properly. For example, if you’re distributing a crypto press release, placing it in front of thousands of health journalists will be a waste of time. That is, unless your crypto project is combined with a health product somehow.

When it comes to distributing a company’s news, the best press release platform will focus more on the method and quality of placement. The number of journalists is not the issue.

9) They Prioritize Journalists Over Newsrooms 

Low-quality press release services frequently only send their clients press releases to newsrooms, leaving journalists out of the equation. Sending a press release to a newsroom alone will not provide your company with the visibility it needs. As a result, your release may fail to reach the intended audience. If you are wondering why your press releases aren’t getting the attention they deserve, it’s likely because you’re only sending them to newsrooms. If you want adequate coverage, you must ensure that your press releases are shared with journalists in addition to newsrooms. Journalists have the power to ensure that press releases receive the attention they deserve in the media. 

While considering all of these factors may seem overwhelming, it is essential to think about all the elements listed above when deciding what the best press release service is. This guide will help you identify a high-quality service that aligns with your goals and vision while also guaranteeing success. 

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Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.