Gift World: An App That Has Made Gifting so Easy



This calendar and gift software called Gift World keeps track of everyone’s contact information elegantly and conveniently. Find out where your loved ones are and send them meaningful presents on all of the critical dates in your life.

There are many possibilities with Gift World:

  • Make sure you’re in touch with your loved ones no matter where they are or what they’re doing
  • A stunning, dynamic global map displays all of your contacts.
  • Organize your contacts in whatever way you choose.
  • You may quickly and easily send meaningful presents to the people you care about.
  • Make new friends and have more fun in social situations.
  • Use the APP STORE to get the most recent version of the app.
  • The possibilities are endless when you use Google’s search engine.

Learn about the Characteristics

Arrange your connections according to priority – One-click import of contacts or adding of new ones – Contact information may be customized with names, birthdays, addresses, and photographs – Quickly find the person you’re looking for by using the search filter — Be sure to make a note of any important dates or gift preferences so you don’t forget anything.

Create a map of your acquaintances: 

Find out where your contacts are located throughout the world using a visual map. Use filters to make your experience more personalized and narrow down who you see — Zooming in will allow you to pinpoint specific places. Keep up with the times while admiring a gorgeous design.

It takes only a few seconds to send gifts to someone. Send personalized ecards through SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, or email, complete with insightful messages. Send gift cards from a wide range of retailers via email – Adding additional gift alternatives like experiences, flowers, and accessories is something we’re enthusiastic about.


Make It Clear That You Give a Damn About Their Situation

We’re driven by a desire to bring people together. There’s nothing nicer than getting a kind gift or message from a friend or family member, especially when they live on the other side of the planet.

Never Fail To Attend A Holiday Party.

Whatever the occasion, Gift World’s gift delivery app offers the correct answer for your nephew’s graduation, the anniversary of that fantastic wedding, or your closest friend’s birthday when they live halfway around the world.

In addition to getting reminders, the app lets you send a gift right from the app.

As new and exciting alternatives like flowers, gift cards, accessories, experiences, and even tickets are offered regularly, it’s easier than ever to pamper your loved ones while staying connected.

What is the process for using E-Gift cards?

When the receiver’s email address is given, the gift card may be redeemed on the Brand’s website by using the gift code on the checkout page or adding the amount to the wallet of the store. Once the gift card discount is applied, the remaining product price is reduced accordingly. You may send e-gift cards to anybody around the globe.

To give a digital gift card, follow these simple steps:

  • Choose Gift world card from the drop-down menu or category list.
  • Personalize it with your choice of Design or a photo upload.
  • Decide on a donation amount.
  • Specify the Recipient’s Name, and Email Add the Recipient’s Email Address
  • Personalize a text message to send to a friend or family member.
  • Take a look at Your Order in the Shopping Cart
  • An email is sent to both the recipient and the sender.

When offering digital gift card features in their shop, eCommerce organizations generally utilize this format to standardize the experience for their customers.

Gift Cards are more popular among millennials for several reasons.

Gift cards’ success stems mainly from their adaptability. To put it another way, those who receive gift cards can use them to make whatever purchase they wish from the firm of their choice.

People enjoy giving gifts as a way to express their feelings and show their affection. And as our daily routines move more and more online, so do our habits. It’s human nature to give gifts, but new technology is changing how we give them.

MIT’s Dean Eckles and Facebook’s Eytan Bakshy and Moira Burke collaborated with Cornell assistant professor René Kizilcec on a study titled “Social Influence and Reciprocity in Online Gift Giving” published in 2018. Social networks have an impact on how we send and receive gifts, according to one study.

It was discovered that social networking sites raise awareness of gift-worthy occasions such as birthdays, and gifts can be provided at the last minute and over considerable distances. This was surprising. Another important component that emerged was the inspiration people get from online resources to donate more and do good.

When a person receives a birthday gift on social media, there’s a 56% chance that person will also send an online gift, according to the study. Receiving a gift prompted around a third of people to buy an internet gift. After receiving an online gift, Millennials were more likely to give one themselves.

Additionally, online gift-giving is frequently influenced by the actions of close family and friends. Kizilcec said in an interview that users who witnessed their friends exchanging gifts were more likely than those who learnt about online gifts in other ways to consider them ‘normal,’. In light of this new knowledge, it’s time to assess whether or not online gifting has a future.

People enjoy giving gifts as a way to express their feelings and show their affection. And as our daily routines move more and more online, so do our habits. It’s human nature to give gifts, but new technology is changing how we give them.

The online gift-giving sector has grown steadily during the previous few years. Social media and internet use have increased as a result (including mobile). There are two types of online gifting markets: business and private.

Despite this, we need to know if there is a unique online gifting section or if it is too little despite the size of the gift-giving market. Let’s see whether technology can help with this issue.

Many e-commerce sites offer a gift recommendation service, however it’s unreliable and just serves to promote the products sold on those sites. Wish lists allow people to narrow down the gifts they get, however this feature is only widely used in the United States. Even now, sending gifts from one person to another is a major hassle.

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