Top Data Security Risks Every Business Should Address



Security breach is one of the biggest problems that companies face. There have been precedents in the past where companies lost much from the security breach. This is the reason why companies constantly have to work towards achieving a secure network that is impregnable.  Security breach not only causes losses to the business but also it causes the erosion of credibility of customers.

Hence, companies have to make sure that their security is upto the mark. Sometimes, companies are not aware of the potential data security risk that external environments pose. Hence, they are not able to work on their system and end up being breached.

It is important that they are privy to all the data security risks that every business should address. In this article, I will list out all the top data security risks that every business should address.

1. Random approach to data access management

When you are running a company, you are required to work with many stakeholders in the company. You give them some sensitive information about the company that you are not supposed to give them. By giving the information, you become susceptible to being breached.

Hence, you must have the proper approach to data access management. Information that is sensible in nature and can be misused against the interest of the company, should not be revealed by the company and a company should be able to manage the data in a very discreet manner.

2. Vulnerable third party apps

Today, the number of third party apps is quite high. These apps might be useful to you in getting your work done. But they pose equally security risks. Information and permission asked by the apps to allow the access can put your sensible data at risk.

Employees working in the company should only use the apps that are known to be safe or else it could lead to the dire consequences.

3. Irregular training to the employees

Most of the security breaches that take place are the results of negligence by the employees themselves. Although a system can also be susceptible to the security breach. But precedents show that the most of the data breaches took place due to mistakes of the employees. They knowingly and unknowingly made the mistakes that made it easier for the others to hack into the system and extract the relevant information. It is important the employees are trained properly and they are made to understand the gravity of the data breach. This will result in better security of the data.

Some employees are also tricked into sharing the serious information that jeopardizes the security of the company. So, provisions should be made to bring punishment to these employees.

4. Unmanaged IoT Devices

Unmanaged IoT devices pose great risk to the companies as companies are unawares of their workings. Unmanaged IoT devices don’t have rules, regulation, control and how they interact with each other within a network. It makes it extremely difficult to track them and to keep a tab on them. You can never know how dangerous they can be to an organisation. It is said that unmanaged Iot devices are projected to match the number of the managed devices. This will make it hard to understand the extent of threat they pose to the security of the companies.

5. Improper Cloud Servers

Now companies are transitioning to the cloud servers. They have the potential to solve complex IT security problems. Companies that are adopting cloud servers have their own set of challenges. Companies harness the cloud servers without any proper security tools that make it susceptible to the security breach. Cloud servers mismatch due to improper security tools. Company’s security is breached.

It is important that companies take the help of the IT Support Company to create the automatic security solutions. As they have the knack for making the system that is secure and safe from the attacks of the hackers.

6.  Managing the complex system of the company

A company has many complex and subtle functions that make it difficult to pay attention to every single tiny detail of the company. Hackers have the eye for the tiny loopholes that exist in the system. They don’t hesitate to take advantage of it. A company should be able to make a system that can find out those tiny loopholes so that data can be secured in the best possible manner.