10 ways to increase your website traffic



Since 1990 with the growth of e-commerce websites on the internet, the importance of website traffic has increased tremendously. Website traffic in simple words can be defined as the data of the visitors about their visit, engagement, and average time spent. It is the foundation of your website on which you have to build further content. Here are some ways in which this foundation can be made stronger:

1.  Post relevant content and useful links

 In this fast world of the internet, no one has the time to spend hours on a website. So, you have to maximize the few minutes which an average user is spending on your website. That can only be done by posting useful and relevant data on the most visible site of your website page.

2.  Invest in referral strategies

Don’t limit yourself to only one way of marketing but try to explore and increase your marketing methods. Try to maximize it by using social media platforms, email sending, and paid posts on blogs.

3.  Ensure your website is responsive and interactive

Respect your audience and try to give answers to their questions and queries as often as possible. Arrange pools and Q and A sections on your website and make it a regular feature of your website.

4.  Incorporate infographics and videos on your website

If you have a youtube channel, use it to maximize the user’s time on your website by incorporating videos and their links. infographics and flowcharts can also help in presenting your content in impressive ways.

5.  Invite guest bloggers to your website

Bloggers have become a very important part of the e-commerce business. People value their recommended and suggested products. So, use this to your benefit and try often to invite credible bloggers to your website.

6.  Publish authentic and research-based data

Fake information and data are very easily available on the Internet today and it can malign the reputation of your website very easily. Try to post authentic research-based facts and data.

7.  Use irresistible and catchy titles

When in a business, do as the competitors do. Billion of websites are flooded with information but websites with irresistible and appealing titles are making their way on the top. So, the use of this strategy has become inevitable.

8.  Publish your idea in an organized list style

It is a proven fact that the list style websites attract 6 times more as compared to question-based and how-to posts. So, there is no reason to present your content in bulk paragraph form as compared to a list of items and reasons.

9.  Check your website traffic frequently

 The importance of checking your website traffic by a reliable checker like Similarweb cannot be emphasized enough. So, on a weekly or monthly basis get an insight into your website traffic source, age group, demographic, and time per visit.

10. Get inspiration from your competitor’s strategies

Through the use of a good website traffic checker, try to get detailed information of your competitor’s marketing strategies and campaigns that are attracting the audience to their website. And don’t try exactly to replicate them, but get inspiration from those ideas.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.