Fastbase and Google Analytics Trailblaze Next-Generation Marketing and Sales Solutions



Fastbase Inc. is one of the fastest-growing software companies within lead generation and Big Data in the world. Fastbase’s proprietary software and powerful lead generation platform revolutionize the way in which businesses attract and engage customers.

The Fastbase software analyses over 6 billion website visitors from over 1 million companies every month and turns static data using real-time behavioral insights from prospects into actionable information. The software turns once anonymous website visitors into actual users and generates comprehensive lead reports with detailed contact information. Data such as company profiles, email addresses, telephone numbers, LinkedIn profile information and visitor interactions enables organizations to fine tune their ad campaigns and thus convert more leads into sales.

Fastbase’s Solutions

Fastbase offers 4 lead acquisition tools which help companies in their B2B sales cycle.

1. LeadScoring

LeadScoring is tracking technology that enables businesses to engage with prospects and customers faster than ever before, automatically identifying and scoring the visits of each individual according to the pages viewed. When the score indicates ‘sales qualified’ or ‘ready to buy’ the salesperson can act with speed to close the business.

2. InMarket Leads

This powerful tool displays companies searching for keywords which are relevant to your business, their location and contact details. InMarket Leads allows users to filter leads by keyword search dates and select leads according to keywords and company location.

3. WebLeads

WebLeads shows companies and organizations that display an interest in your business. It highlights information they are searching for, pages they’ve viewed and provides real insights that help understand your digital audience.

4. SimilarLeads

Fastbase’s exclusive database includes over 130 million of the world’s most active companies, characterized by the Google Industry Index and contain all company contact information from company name, address, phone number, website, contact information, email addresses to industry category and more. SimilarLeads allows you to find leads similar to ones that you may already have in your CRM on a pay-as-you go basis.

Most importantly, Fastbase’s products are easy-to-use and implement. They empower companies and organizations to monitor and engage with prospective customers, create new market segments and ultimately increase your sales.

In marketing, there are two primary types of data available: ‘first-party’ and ‘third-party’. First-party data refers to data that a company has collected from their own consumers. Third-party data on the other hand is information collected by an entity that doesn’t have a direct relationship with customers. Fastbase collects freely available data from a variety of sources and then consolidates it to resemble ‘first-party’ data.

Data Quality

From a digital marketing perspective, first-party data is the most valuable data a company can have. Historically third-party data is used to help expand an audience and potentially reach new customers but the performance of that data on a CPL/CPA basis is often well behind that of first-party data. What Fastbase does with their data is to offer their customers the ability to use third-party data with a first party feel to capture more new leads at a cost per comparable to first-party data.

Fastbase’s solutions strongly align with market trends. The global big data analytics market is expected to grow to 274 billion U.S. dollars by 2022 with companies acknowledging the importance of data analytics in lead generation and conversion. 53% of companies allocate more than half of their budget to lead generation, with 58% stating their lead budget will increase. 74% of companies state that converting leads is a top priority whilst 65% state that lead generation is a top challenge.

Scalable Solutions

Fastbase’s solutions are very robust and are designed to work with companies of any size. Whether you are a promising start-up or one of the world’s largest companies, Fastbase’s products will help your company improve your sales and digital marketing initiatives. 

Pricing Models to Fit Your Business’s Needs

Fastbase operates a SaaS business model. WebLeads can be used for free after an initial 30-day trial period (however with reduced functionality). Users can choose to continue on a standard Premium subscription model, which starts at $39 per month and increases depending on the number of profiles/websites your company chooses to monitor. Fastbase also offers a Premium+ subscription at $375, a professional level solution for advertising agencies.

Staying at the Forefront

As technology has advanced around areas like machine learning and artificial intelligence, the ability to synthesize large amounts of data and find the right data points are critical. Businesses are constantly looking towards technology and data to provide insights faster and at a larger scale by identifying aspects of the business that can be accelerated — one is a constant stream of leads which is fundamental for revenue growth and the other is information that can provide a significant advantage in competitive markets. Fastbase’s mission is to stay at the forefront of this field providing customers with the latest in marketing automation and sales management software.

How will AI make a difference?

Sales teams tend to spend far more time qualifying leads than they do closing leads. The amount of time that could potentially be saved by having algorithms in LeadScoring check leads against long and complex lists of criteria could give sales teams a much-needed boost. If there is any doubt on this, Salesforce has claimed that successful sales teams are 4.9 times more likely to be using AI than unsuccessful ones.

Marketing automation and campaign evaluation

A major area in which automation can save working hours is in less creative marketing activities. Choosing when to respond to emails, creating tailored responses, and conducting customer surveys are just a few things AI could help with. Marketing teams can spend time on planning campaigns rather than reporting on the success (or lack thereof) of a campaign – this alone would probably justify ROI in Fastbase’s lead generation SaaS solutions.


LeadScoring from Fastbase can keep tabs on a person, see what content they have interacted with, and match it against any other profile data, creating personalized email experiences for customers, only sending them what is relevant to them and will keep them engaged and converting.

Fastbase is in the right place at the right time. Fastbase aims to be the premier partner for businesses of any size to help its customers drive top-line revenue. Through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence Fastbase provides customers with high quality actionable leads and business-specific data-driven insights to simplify and accelerate the means to scale revenue.

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