Choosing the right tires



In some places, you only need one type of car tire, and you’re good to go. However, that is not the case in Vilnius and many other parts of the world.  Every season comes with its challenges, and thus you’ve to make sure you’ve the right tires for the cold and snowy season.

This article details different tire options that will help you make the right choice at any time of the year.

All-season tires

As the name suggests, there are tires meant for any season of the year. That means the tire can retain its elasticity all the seasons. However, at 7°, the tire begins to lose its elasticity, and if the temperatures go beyond -15°, it loses grip completely.

That means, if you’re in a place that gets to some of these crazy temperatures, you’ve to be ready with Ziemines padangos.

Winter tires

These are the type of tires that retain their elasticity up to -40° with unique tread patterns designed to maintain a firm grip on snowy roads. These are perfect for drivers in rural areas who encounter unplowed conditions daily than those in urban areas.

Winter ice tires

These are tires made from a similar compound as winter snow tires but have a different tread pattern with an enhanced traction to help navigate a snowy road—these work best for people in towns and cities where snow is cleared regularly throughout the season. And for the drivers who are faced with extreme ice conditions, they may want to consider studded winter ice tire for even better traction.

Summer tires

These tires are designed for high-performance cars that are keen on speed and agility. If you’re in an area that experiences long cold seasons, then this tire may not be the best for you. You may realize that you spend too much on something that is not working for you.

Here are some things you’ve to bear in mind

Go for snow tires if

You mainly drive on urban areas and, on a few occasions, secondary roads. If you live in a city where you’ve a significant amount of snow, snow tires are more adapted here than ice tires. The snow tires are flanked with large blocks and deep grooves for better traction on snowy roads and perfect for slash evacuation.  If you’re thinking of getting out of the city for a snowy mountain ride, then snow Padangos will perfectly serve you.

Get ice tires if

You’re always driving on highways. Ice tires have their tread specifically built to channel the water that covers icy roads.

Choose studded tires if

You regularly drive on secondary roads. You see, the roads in the rural area rarely plowed and, therefore, very dangerous. Studded tires will give you the biting power you need on ice and snow.  The only undoing with studded tires is that they’re noisy.  Therefore if you’re looking for silent tires, then the regular winter tires should be your choice.

The type of tires you choose will determine how stable your car will be.  Before you buy them, you have to think about their durability and how well they can perform in all seasons.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.