How You Can Join an eSports Team and Conquer The World



Sports can bring benefits to your health and mental condition. Games can be played online and offline. The online game can refresh your mind, but too much online games can affect your body and mind. But playing sports physically in the field is very good for health and sanity. But today, e-sports is becoming more famous, and many people are getting involved in it.

What eSports means?

ESports is the form of games and sports competition using video games. ESports organize different types of competitions. Different kinds of e-sports are multiplayer online battle arena, fighting, card game, 파워볼, battle royal, first-person shooter and real-time strategy. ESports was firstly popular in Asia, especially China and South Korea. Japan is now developing impressively. Outside of Asia, eSports are being popular in Europe and the USA. Most of the games and the events are played internationally and regionally. As popularity is growing, the International Olympic Committee is now considering online games as potential.

Are the eSports gamers are considered as Athlete?

This topic is debatable, but competitive gamers need to practice the game regularly to maintain and improve skills at the game. They often need to develop their muscles and abilities which are required for the game. Competitive gaming requires concentration, and for that, sometimes they need to do yoga and diets. Before the competition starts, every player who participates into the game or the tournament needs to go through drug testing and training camp.

How to join an eSports team?

It is not so difficult to join an eSports team. But it requires dedication. At the first step you need to choose which game you like, and it goes with you or not. Gaming is all about passion, and it is the priority before going to be a professional gamer. Then start practising. You have to practice more and more. That will require reasonable accommodations with a suitable device. Then after reaching a decent level in the game, you have to join the community. If you don’t know any gamers who compete as a team member in a different competition, then you have to make teammate through online or meeting up. Once you join a team, you can practice more and more to make bonds.

How can you watch eSports?

If you have an interest in watching eSports, then I would say it’s straightforward. You can watch eSports even on different social media like YouTube, Facebook, or on different streaming sites. YouTube and Facebook have made dedicated options for streaming games. Twitch is a platform which is made for streaming games and eSports tournaments. You can watch the gameplay of the world’s best gamers in this platform. Then comes Microsoft. They aren’t behind in this eSports world. They have also made a platform named Mixer for streaming games. Mixer is a well-decorated platform. Through this platform, you can even interact with the gamers while watching their video in living. There are also some companies which are built based on this gaming. They broadcast online, and offline games live and also helps to improve their gaming skills by analyzing them.

But these eSports industry isn’t harm-free. As eSports is growing like an industry, its’ harmful sides are coming out. Often hackers are seen in the game. They cheat in the game and can make you lose. Sometimes online transactions are needed in many games. In card games even not being in a professional level, the transaction of money need for bidding. In this case, if the system isn’t well developed and secured, then your personal and card information might be hacked.

For preventing these hacking and money laundering, a system has been installed in the gaming industry, which is called 먹튀검증. They are trying to make your information and transaction safe. You can rely on these facilities. But after all, these, if any incident happens, they take the full responsibilities and solves the mess.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.