Using B2B data to increase response from email marketing campaigns



There are a wide range of benefits from carrying out email marketing to generate more enquiries and sales for your business. Using B2B data enables you to reach the best and most relevant contacts to promote your products and services. Read more to see how you can give your marketing campaigns that additional boost?

The benefits of email marketing

One of the mail benefits of email marketing is that it’s very cost-effective. In a short amount of time, you can send out a high volume of emails. Alternatively, you can stagger your campaign to manage the response. Whitelisted email platforms are a essential tool and help improve the quality of the emails you can send out whilst adhering to GDPR and Data Protection requirements.

Sending your campaign requires a list of contacts. Usually, the information you hold for your contacts consists of a name and an email address. This is where B2B data can step in and enhance your email campaign. Companies often send out their marketing campaigns to existing contacts which they have collected over time. These contacts are usually compiled from people signing up to their services, mailing lists, previous enquiries and past purchases.

Targeting a wider audience

B2B data enables you to begin targeting a wider audience. To begin with, you need to profile the ideal customer. Consider the various locations where your ideal customers are based. Your product or service may limit this. Do you only carry your services out within a certain radius of your office, or are you able to deliver your products nationwide?

Company sizes can also be vital to your campaign. Does your product or service suit smaller SME’s, or is it more beneficial for huge corporates?

It is also essential to consider the contact at the company who you are looking to target. Targeting specific job roles is vital for your campaigns. Various job roles will require solutions to problems. Therefore, carefully think who needs your product or service.

The importance of accurate personal B2B email addresses

When searching for a B2B data provider, it should be your priority to find the most accurate B2B data available. Data can age fast. Data companies often only refresh their data every 3 to 6 months and this is seen as common practice. Whereas, at Business Data Prospects, we only supply data with a maximum age of 2 to 3 days. This is because all of our data is validated at the point of order to ensure optimum levels of accuracy.

You will find that when you try emailing a contact that has left the business or position three months ago, no one is going to read the email. It is extremely unlikely that the email will get forwarded on to the next best contact or the person fulfilling this position. In the case that the email did get forwarded, the new recipient would likely take no notice of your email due to you marketing to old contacts. This will reduce their trust in you and could cause them to avoid you in the future.

Another key benefit of using B2B data in your campaigns is that the personal contact details enable you to reach the right contact. At Business Data Prospects, we only provide personal named B2B contact information, meaning you can reach your prospects via their B2B email addresses. This is much more effective method compared to reaching your contacts via generic email addresses, such as hello and info at email addresses. With personal B2B email addresses, you reach the inbox of your prospect. This gives your campaign the best change of a high response.

Alongside reaching the inbox of your desired contact, B2B data gives you the opportunity to personalise the email. When addressing the email to the contact, the email instantly looks more professional and the contact can tell that more time and effort has been put in in order to reach them. Additionally, this also increases the chance that the recipient of your email will follow up on your email, generating more business and a greater response from your campaign.

Do you want to give you email marketing a boost? Expand your marketing reach today with fresh, accurate and responsive B2B data.

Our streamlined service means that we offer same day counts and quotes, which saves you time, leaving more time for other business activities. Our process, tailored for efficiency, means that we can supply your B2B database in as little as 24-48 hours from the point of order.

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Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.