Is Solar Energy Right for Your Business?



Solar energy is among the common renewable energy types, and research has shown that the solar energy market will register a 14% growth this year. It is the most recommended source of renewable energy for schools and businesses because, for starters, it is safe and super affordable.

However, before settling for this energy source, you should take your time to evaluate your business property to establish if it is right for you. Have a look at the top aspects and tips to guide you as you determine if solar energy is suitable for your premise.

Seek the Assistance of Experts

You cannot go wrong by asking help from experts and let them advise you on the best type of renewable energy for your business premise. They have been in the industry for many years and therefore have more experience and knowledge about renewable energy than you do. They will assess your property location, roof condition, and other surrounding elements before establishing if solar power is suitable for you. If it’s not, they will suggest the next best option. You can consult energy consultants in the UK Powerful Allies for more information and get valuable help.

Consider the Condition of Your Roof

The age and direction of your premise’s roof are crucial aspects when determining if solar panels are right for you. It is highly recommendable for the roof to be facing west or south for optimum rooftop solar. Also, ensure that the roof has no obstructions such as chimneys and skylights for maximum benefits.

Other than the roof’s angle and direction, make sure that there are no blocking elements such as trees and buildings that could overshadow your roof and prevent it from getting sunlight.

Check Your Area’s Regulations

Consider if your neighborhood is regulated by a homeowner’s association and, if yes, go through the terms regarding solar panel installation to ensure that you are not breaking any rules. For example, there might be local requirements that you must fulfill to get permits depending on your building’s location.

Your Local Area’s Climate

The climate in your area will highly determine the reliability of the solar panels. However, contrary to the common belief that you must live in a warm region to use solar energy, you can enjoy this invention without necessarily living in a place with lots of sunlight. Solar panels do great in cold temperatures because energy production efficiency goes down as the temperatures rise above 9 degrees. This means that solar panel energy production is more efficient in cold temperatures.

Nonetheless, if you live in a snowy region, climate should be a concern. When covered by snow, the solar panels have a hard time producing energy, thus causing inefficiencies.

With these tips, you will be better positioned to make a sound decision before settling for a particular type of renewable energy. The goal is to enjoy power most reliably and cost-effectively. Take your time to evaluate the different available options to save both time and money.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.