Where should you Start Investing?



When you are involved in any business, the greatest challenge is to take the first step. We fear the unknown. We are afraid to make a mistake. And we give up without taking a single action. In this article, you will get a clear step-by-step business plan for starting investing. We’ll figure out where you should start investing and how he should do it efficiently.  

5 steps to Start Investing:

1.  It would help if you Decided on your Goal

First, you’d better answer a question: Why do I invest? I want to save enough money to launch my own business or buy real estate. I want to have a monthly passive income or provide for old age. You will develop your strategy and choose the components for your investment portfolio following your goal.

For example, you decide that in 10 years, you’ll buy a real estate priced at $ 700 000. You should save up no fewer than $ 5 000 monthly and reinvest the earned profit to do this.

Also, you can divide your key goals into little ones. For instance, I must increase my deposit to $ 50 000 by the end of this year.

2.  It would help if you Created a Startup Capital

There is a golden rule on the stock exchange: The bigger deposit you put down, the higher profit you may get. If you only have an investment on your mind, start saving up your money.

How can you save up your money for a start easily?

  • You should maintain records of income and expenses. You may save up the money you usually spend on bad habits or impulsive shopping.
  • You can apply an automatic withholding. Most banks deliver such an option as an automatic withholding. You may choose a particular date and amount that will be transferred to your monthly savings or brokerage accounts.

3.  It would help if you Frasped the Basics of Stock Exchange:

Unfortunately, if you want to earn a high income, this is not enough to understand the meaning of the word stock or know bitcoin’s current price. While your graphic skills will be of help!

If you decide to invest by yourself, you should be ready for continuous training, which requires time and effort. Though, the result will be worth the effort.

First, you should get the basic knowledge of the stock exchange. What is the difference between stocks and bonds? What is the right way to make deals? What tools can be used to invest in?

The next important step in the development of an investment portfolio. How can you diversify it, and why should you do it? Should you consider a passive investment such as art investment funds?. What does stagnation mean, and how can you come through it unscathed? Before you get your expected profit, you should answer the above questions correctly.

Then, it would help if you continued with the foundations of technical and fundamental analysis. If you want to choose profitable securities, you should make an effort. The investors, who act under the principle of “what if I have luck,” often lose their deposit and pay extra money as a broker’s commission.

Usually, beginners go to various training centers. The information found over the Internet is generally falsified or just inaccurate. In training centers, the experienced experts work. They teach the exact theory and provide tasks to practice.

4.  You should choose a Broker/Investment Company:

Modern technologies are widely used in investment. Now investors can open brokerage accounts, automate trading and even copy the trades of successful traders.

The most popular brokers are:

  • Interactive Brokers;
  • Just2Trade;
  • JP Morgan;

The most popular social trading services are:

  • AMarkets;
  • Heartbeat;
  • Forex4you;

5. You Should Monitor the Market:

If you use social trading services or trust your funds to an investment company, you can relax and sleep with a calm mind.

But if you invest by yourself, you are expected to analyze the market all the time. The financial market is volatile, and we cannot guess the price for stocks of a particular company in a week. Needless to say that a year, two years or ten years is even more unpredictable.

Any event can impact a stock price. For instance, on 21-st May 2019 in California, during a court hearing, Qualcomm groundlessly overvalued their commission paid for licenses they gave for their technologies. The company took advantage of its market dominance in the segment of 5G chips for smartphones. In such a way, they tried to remove competitors, for example, equally popular MediaTek. The court held that the company must sell the licenses for chip production at the market price. On 22-d May, their asset prices decreased by 11% almost.

Here is another example. In 2013 the Twitter account of the Associated Press was hacked. Then hackers hacked the news blog and released a duff report with information that Barack Obama was detonated. In several minutes the market fell by $130 billion. Soon the situation was taken under control. Some lucky investors managed to get rich from this.

A successful investor must always stay up-to-date with the modern world. To stay tuned for more news, you can:

  • Monitor the news. Follow the current hot information provided by TV news channels or social media. It will be beneficial for you to make forecasts by yourself and compare the events and their impact on the economic situation in the market.
  • Look through blogs of investment companies. Usually, such companies provide publicly available market reviews weekly or release information about the key events.
  • Look through blogs of private traders.
  • Subscribe to the paid analytics. Usually, investment companies or marketplaces provide such services.


Thus, passive income generation is not gambling. Investing is a set of particular steps, while a successful investor is a person with a specific set of skills. It would help if you started your trading on the stock exchange with goal setting, creation of startup capital, and training. If this article is of any help to you, please, share it with your friends on social media. It will probably help them decide on investing and take the first step on their way to their financial freedom. If you’re looking for more business tips and more, you can visit our newscreak blog Good Luck!

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.