Things to Know about Virtual Home Tours



Virtual tours of homes and condos are on the rise due to technological advances, mainly higher resolution cameras, faster internet speed and augmented reality.

Before going on a virtual tour though, here are 4 things you must know.

Virtual Tours are Now Better Than Ever

When it comes to the experience virtual tours have come a long way. Before it was just a device with a camera that’s connected to the internet, but now there are many ways real estate agents can show The Watergardens, for example.

3D tours and 360-degree photos lead the way in showing potential homes for sale. Sometimes agents add flourish, such as virtual staging where visitors can ‘change’ the paint or add furniture depending on what they want to see.

Virtual is Now Personal

A virtual tour can now showcase the strengths and features of a condo or house like never before. They’re better than static photos in that you get a feel for a property, including its flows for your lifestyle.

Live video walkthroughs can provide visual cues such as neighborhood dynamics, flooring or internet speed. While on tour you can ask questions on why a property deserves your attention.

You Can Still Go to Open Houses

Virtual tours may be popular but there’s no rule saying you can’t continue to attend open houses and tours.

You can ask to see the Penrose condo and see a model in person, or speak with a real estate agent or developer on when you can tour the property.

Virtual is Complementary

Virtual tours are definitely convenient, as you won’t need to go out or even stand up from your couch to see a potential dream house or condo.

Keep in mind that a virtual tour can be more than just show- you can take notes, ask questions and get to see more details when viewing the watergardens at canberra showflat, for example. Work these to your advantage and you’ll soon have an idea of which condo you’d like to buy.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.