When it comes to choosing which kind of cat to purchase, there are several factors to consider. For example, if you are thinking about bringing home a new kitten, it’s good to know the medical problems that might come up in the future and how much it might cost you. Believe it or not, there is a breed of cat that can cost you thousands of dollars throughout their lifespan, and Bengals are one, but eventually money-worth and smart investment.

Talking about a pet that makes you live off the edge, and has you rave happily over the moon, Bengal fit in perfectly and tick all the boxes where necessary. These cats are super-highly intelligent, loving, cheerful, fanciful pets with inexplicable characters that got millions of people talking about them across the globe even on Cast Time.

To cap this loving nature of theirs up, we are going to be helping you briefly with quite some easy-to-follow guidelines to use in getting a Bengal kitten for sale near me a higher, healthy standard.

1. The Breeder

Every breeder in any case is responsible for giving his/her pet a better healthy lifestyle in a clean and convenient environment best possible. Looking into buying a healthy Bengal kitten means you have to first look up a well-regarded and registered breeder. When you get to any kitten mill, ask the breeder about his/her certificate. Every legally operating kitten mill must be registered, though this doesn’t guarantee that you may find well-bred kittens with these breeders, these are pointers to any breeder that knows what he or she is doing and is willing to set a positive standard for himself.

Better places to start are local cat mills and breeders through local registries. Another is to make inquiries through national or global associations with a focus on activities for pets and cats alike. If you reside within Canada or Us, you can look up CFA (The Cat Fancier’s Association), TICA (The International Cat Association), and so many others around with the help of well-informed individuals, websites, blogs where frequently asked questions about a different type of pets are answered, be it Bengal or any other species. 

2. Research

Deeply, and thoroughly. Ask questions, ask people around. Join the pet lovers club online and drop questions on any suspicion or fears you might have before deciding to settle for a cat mill or a breeder.

As you must know, one in every 2,500 cats is a Bengal as they are American cross-bred by two different species, the domestic cat and the Asian leopard cat. Bengal cat comes in 22 distinct colors and patterns and there are about 600 Bengal lines in the world. These breeds are rare, so there is a higher possibility you might fall victim to taking home another breed, especially from online pet shops with little or no social proof.

Know your Bengal, gather every necessary information you need to have before deciding to buy one from any breeder including pointers to their health status which can be judged from the kitten’s environment, appearances, neutering, and all.

3. Genetic Conditions

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), PK Deficiency, hyper, all these are main genetic conditions common in Bengal kittens. If there are a few things to make inquiries about from the breeder for clarity, this is it. Ask the breeder about the genetic conditions of the pets, and tell him to show you reports of the last genetic test carried on the Bengals to be sure you are purchasing your money’s worth. It is very important that you the genetic status of any Bengal of your choice as these tend to provide you with the reality of what you might be facing in the future, and how to about tackling these challenges in securing a better health condition for your pet.

4. Consider your Personality

What do you do? What type of person are you? How well do you do around cats and more so your spouse, kids, and another member of your family who might be staying with you? Are you the busy type? Can you cope with having to train and take care of your kitten? As you must know, Bengal cats are very demanding when it comes to being showered with attention, and they tend to be often loud and vocal about it. Are you the type that is easily enraged? Can you afford the expenses needed to be incurred to make your Kitten healthy and attractive? All these boxes need to be checked, and more so, these are the kind of questions you should prepare to answer as well-reputable breeders will go a long way in knowing the kind of hands or home in which their furry friend is walking into.

5. Cost

Do know, that above all things, this, in particular, will be the judge of you if luckily you happen to find a Bengal kitten up for sale near you. As mentioned above, these particular types of cats are rare breeds, and they tend to go up the market in larger amounts. The ever-energetic and fiercely handsome Bengal cost as far as $500 – $5000 depending on the location, sex, or pedigree.

Other several things to put to check are possibly the neutering profile, asked if the Bengals are strayed or feral. However, most Bengal kittens are said to be mischievous and seldom aggressive, it all depends on how positively handy you are inputting your kitten through social training and discipline at a tender age, being aggressive is a common trait in most pets, especially those that are feral.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.