The Uprising of Leading Provider of Digital Oilfield Software : FutureOn



FutureOn, an oilfield software company, has released a cloud-based platform that allows the numerical identical of an offshore field from the original concept through first oil and beyond. Engineers require fast and reliable analysis to speed up the development process, leading to more efficient extraction campaigns shortly. Consequently, it is essential to use oil and gas data management software, as it combines diverse data subsets into one centralized viewing center, allowing for more profound insight.

Why should you use FutureOn?

One Oslo-based company has claimed that its digital twin solution – called FieldTwin – can reduce risk and increase collaboration while integrating IoT sensor data into a graphic setting console for real-time nursing of gear ranks and well flow taxes as well as manufacture standards, container sites, and cause tasks.

As a result, FutureOn claims its Field Twin answer attaches false intellect and past data to well-planning, drilling; installation; and operations.

Forward-thinking businesses realize that Big Data analytics may help them gain an advantage in the marketplace and provide more value from their considerable offshore investments,” stated Paal Roppen, CEO of FutureOn. Visualizing and centralizing data into a single source increases collaboration, increases transparency, reduces expenses and improves operations,” says FieldTwin’s CEO.

According to Koppen, FutureOn’s clienteles finally want to de-man their stages and function them from far.

FieldTwin lets all investors to view more than ever before—the same information, at the same time, to make more effect on a project’s result and to brand additional well-organized choices that save time, remove errors, and reduction risk,” Roppen stated.

However, even though digital twins are still a relatively new concept, they have already been implemented in offshore oil and gas.

The offshore industry is adopting Digital Twin Solutions.

In February, Aker Solutions, a Norwegian company, was hired by Wintershall to construct a digital duplicate of the North Sea Nova arena manufacture organization to facilitate data-driven engineering, production, and maintenance choices.

Aker and Siemens announced a planned teamwork contract in December 2018 to create digital products in manufacturing, processes, and facilities.

GE has created a solution for rig equipment health and presentation nursing via a digital twin, allowing condition-based maintenance elsewhere in the industry. According to GE, Digital Rig was verified on a Noble drillship, and alerts were issued up to two months in advance of potential failures.

Additionally, Sembcorp is experimenting with digital twins. The firm and DNV GL are investigating digital twin technology as part of a 2017 partnership agreement for “creating a digital clone of an actual ship and determining the ship’s exact design and operating requirements for achieving optimal performance.”

According to Sembcorp, pre-commissioning of ships could benefit from Digital Twin imaging. Typically, a ship is constructed and then custom-built during a sea trial before being put into service. By merging seller data into a solitary combined computer-generated ship for challenging, Sembcorp Marine claims it is possible to pre-commission the vessel before it is built. With the help of cutting-edge goggles, Maersk Drilling has also explored a “digital twin” approach for interactive collaboration with its customers.


Drilling operations may be shown in greater depth thanks to Maersk Drilling’s virtual rig models linked to real-time data from the drilling platform.

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