A Newbie To Microsoft Teams! Here’s What You Should Know



Microsoft teams is one of the most preferred online meeting tools in Office 365. With multiple features, it offers several functionalities when you are in a team meeting. For a newbie, it is a great place to start, organize, and participate in discussions from any location. All you need is an email Id and a strong internet connection. You will enjoy working with this cutting-edge technology.

You must have used Skype for Business for conducting the online meeting. Members of the meeting can join through a virtual link. The same is the procedure with the Microsoft teams. Also, you need to have good headphones to join the meeting without any interruption. You can check the Microsoft teams headphone reviews on several portals and buy as per your budget and technical specification. 

Here are 5 things that every newbie should know before getting into the team meeting using Microsoft teams.

Who Can Join The Meeting:

It is the team members who have the invitation link to join. However, there is a classification of meeting attendees.

  • A user with no Microsoft Account but has an email. You can click on “‘Join on the web instead” and join the session.
  • A Guest user with a Microsoft office 365 account can join the meeting through a web link or the Open Microsoft Team option.
  • Anyone can dial the number via phone and join the meeting by following the IVR instructions.

Recording Of The Meeting:

If you want you can record the live meeting. The meeting can be in the form of audio, video, and shared screens. Choose the option and the entire meeting video/audio file is saved in the Microsoft stream. Later you can use the recordings to clarify any facts or share the absent attendees.

Only the internal attendees or the meeting organizer can start or stop recording. External attendees have no access or option to record the meeting. You can also download the meeting’s entire video/audio and share with the organization.  To replay the meeting audio, you can check the channel conversation history.

Share A File With The Team

If you need to share a file like any PDF or PowerPoint presentation, you can do it through the share button. Whether desktop or application, both the setup has the function to share and review the shared files. It is visible to every internal and external attendee of the meeting.

Blur Your Background:

It is one of the amazing features to use during the Microsoft teams meeting. You can blur your background to avoid any visual distraction that creates a disturbance in the meeting. You can select this option from your screen by clicking on the call menu and then selecting “Blur My Background” from the option. It blurs the surroundings and keeps you clear and uncut.

Last but not the least! To disconnect the call click on the red call button. The admin or meeting organizer has to allow attendees first and then they can join the meeting digitally.

Be ready with technically sound Microsoft headphones for uninterrupted Microsoft team meetings.  

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.