Programmatic Advertising: Expectations vs. Reality



There are many misconceptions about programmatic advertising. This blog post will explore programmatic advertising expectations vs. reality and help you to make a more informed decision on whether programmatic advertising is suitable for you.

Myth 1 – Programmatic Advertising Kills Creativity

One of the misconceptions about programmatic advertising is that it kills creativity. However, programmatic advertising actually gives marketers more creative freedom and creates a new perspective towards what is considered creativity. It allows to precisely approach the target audience and enables marketers to curate highly tailored programmatic ads. This results in programmatic ads that are more engaging and less irritating. Therefore programmatic advertising will not kill creativity but actually support it!

Myth 2 – Programmatic Advertising is Difficult for Smaller Businesses

Another myth about programmatic advertisements is that it’s somehow too complicated for small-sized companies or advertisers with a limited budget. However, programmatic advertising is the perfect starting point for new businesses! It’s relatively easy to gain experience in programmatic advertising, and you can use it as a testing ground.

Myth 3 – Programmatic Advertising is Costly

Another misconception about programmatic advertising is that it’s too expensive, and you need a large budget to get started with programmatic advertising. In reality, programmatic advertising can be used to reach new potential customers efficiently. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad by using programmatic advertising, and you can set a maximum daily budget. This way, programmatic advertising is very cost-effective!

Myth 4 – Programmatic Advertising Doesn’t Work for Everyone

People often think programmatic ads are only suitable for specific industries or types of businesses, but that’s not the case! Although programmatic works best when you have high volumes of data, it can be used in all kinds of markets with success.

Myth 5 – Programmatic ads are not Effective Across Devices

As there is some discussion regarding this topic, we can assure you it is not true! Programmatic ads are still effective across devices. You can run programmatic ads on mobile, tablet, or desktop and see success across all devices.

Myth 6 – Programmatic Advertising is not Effective for A/B Testing

Having the ability to test programmatically allows you to easily A/B test different creatives within your ad set. This means that data can be collected quickly, so you will know which creative works best with your audience.

Myth 7 – You have to know Everything about Programmatic Advertising in Order to Use it

Programmatic advertising can sound like a complex process at first. However, you don’t need to do everything yourself! The programmatic industry is evolving fast, and it’s easy to get help from vendors like us. We make programmatic simple! We can show you how programmatic advertising works in reality if you let us know your business goals.

In summary

Programmatic advertising is an excellent way for your brand to have more control in the digital space. It allows you to efficiently reach out and engage with people in real-time while monitoring results very closely.

It may be daunting at first to learn programmatic advertising, but it’s not that complicated. Our team can help break down programmatic advertising into its individual components and make everything much more manageable for you!

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.