Crystals and Technology



Healing crystals have always been around for a long time but it’s only now that the whole world is paying attention to it. Aside from having ready access to crystal gifts in an online crystal shop, here are other ways crystal is connected to technology.

Reduce Harmful Effects of Radiation

Technology offers us so much in terms of convenience and making work easier, but these electronic devices emit harmful radiation in the form of UV and blue light, among others.

We may not know it but these effects accumulate over time and cause health disruptions. It’s important to stay connected but then you can reduce being exposed by excessive radiation with the help of the right type of crystal.


Crystals have different properties and characteristics, and they offer several benefits, including reduced anxiety and stress, enhanced creativity, healing and extra motivation, among others.

It’s believed that healing crystals emit some sort of positive wavelength that people absorb, which can offset the harm in technology (mainly stress and radiation). These crystals can be used for sessions, house cleansing and many others.

Aesthetic Purposes

All crystals are beautiful and they can be used as a conversation starter- place your favorite crystal in several crystal display stands and watch as it attracts your visitors’ attention and provide its inherent benefit at the same time.

Those who are new to crystals will want to use a crystal identifier to see which crystal might be the best for them in terms of aesthetics or function. Amethyst crystals, for example, work inwardly and help promote better digestion, skin tone, immune system and prevent headaches.

Crystals and technology work hand in hand in that they help people become healthier, more productive and experience less stress. Crystals have healing properties that offset some of the harm technology may bring.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.