What You Need To Check Before Buying A Used Smartphone



Smartphones have become part of human lives. They help you to connect with your friends, conduct online transactions, and increase your knowledge. Unfortunately, you may not have enough money to buy a new smartphone.

But through online shops, it can be easy to get a used smartphone. However, there are some things you need to check before purchasing such a phone because if you’re not careful enough, you may end up buying one that’ll break down after a few days. To ensure you get a high-quality used phone, consider the following factors:

1. Physical Appearance

Looking at a phone’s physical appearance is a no-brainer, right? However, your visual examination should go beyond the screen and the back cover. Ensure that you open the back cover to check the battery sticker for discoloration signs. If the battery has an orange or yellow color, it could be a sign that it’s worn out.

Also, don’t forget to check the USB and charging port for signs of rust. If you notice any discoloration on these metallic parts, it could be that the phone is damaged by water.

When examining cracks on the screen, switch on the device. Phones that have many cracks and dents show that they’ve been banged up and dropped a lot. Therefore, their internal parts may also not be reliable. The cracks and dents of a good used phone shouldn’t be so pronounced but mild. Additionally, the camera lenses should be free of scratches.

2. Technical Specifications

You should purchase a phone that has technical specifications that’ll meet your needs. If you love watching movies and browsing the internet for several hours, go for a phone with a large screen. On the other hand, if you’d like to buy a phone for making video calls and interacting on social media platforms, select one that has a camera with a higher megapixel.

You can get the information about the technical specification of specific used phones from their manufacturers’ website. Just ensure you know the phone’s model.

Always insist on testing the touchscreen to see if it’s working. Some used phones may have features that look brand new but functionless. Before paying the vendor, confirm that everything is in good condition. Lags may indicate problems in the internal circuitry – a sign that the phone won’t last long.

3. Confirm That It’s Not Stolen

It’s important to confirm that you’re not purchasing a stolen smartphone. It would be a disaster to buy a phone only to be visisted by authorities. These days, thousands of stolen smartphones are shipped to other countries and sold to unsuspecting customers. Unfortunately, manufacturing phone companies don’t have a global database of stolen phones.

To ensure you purchase a device that’s not stolen, ask the vendor for the ESN, IMEI, or MEID. With that number, you can confirm in various online resources whether the phone is stolen.

The Bottom Line

A good used phone performs the function of any new phone. However, it’s vital to do a thorough examination of the device before carrying it from the store. You don’t want to buy a phone that’ll break down after a month.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.