Why you need free-standing screens for your office



Creating a positive work environment plays a crucial role in boosting staff morale, employee productivity, retention, and higher job satisfaction. Typically, a healthy work environment reduces work-related stress resulting in better working relationships among employees. So, how do you design an agile workplace office environment? This article spotlights the magic behind using freestanding screens in the office.

Provide Freedom to be Productive

Free-standing screens are made from various materials and different designs. It provides the necessary privacy that is necessary at the workplace. This enables you to  provide a living space where your teammates can be most productive.


The office partitions are easier to drag around to offer privacy for your office. The mobile freestanding screens are available in a wide range of vinyl, leather, and fabrics. Additionally, the screens have a high sound absorption level, which avoids unnecessary disruption from external noise sources. The screen is mobile, has standard hard tyres, and lockable castors.

Why erect a free-standing screen in your office?

A free-standing screen offers a great deal of privacy and creates a unique working environment. Furthermore, it reduces the high cost of office partitioning that you may have incurred. The screens are not only cost-effective but durable. You can easily move it with you into your next office without incurring extra costs of partitioning the office. You do not require any tools to install a free-standing screen for your office. Freestanding office screens break the standard open office designs by ensuring privacy for your employees.

Ranging from behind you screens, Zones enclosure, zones screens, Lite wall, and many other types of wall screens, every screen is tailor-made to serve various purposes. Still stuck on the best mobile free-standing screen for your office? Visit nomique for a wide range of choices that suit your needs. Through the lightweight easy to assemble office screens, you can quickly erect them to create a conducive working environment for the staff.

Traditionally, open offices are known to be challenging in guaranteeing privacy for workers. Therefore redesigning your office through screen partitioning offers a great working environment for every staff member. This not only boosts their morale but also improves productivity at the workplace.


Have you ever thought about how you can transform your work environment? Regardless of whether you have established an open office for your employees, erecting free-standing screens is ideal when creating a sense of privacy at the workplace.

Depending on the choice of the standing screen you opt to go for, you have to ensure the screens perfectly suit their intended purpose. The best aspect of using mobile screens is that you can easily move them around depending on where you want to mount them. Are you looking forward to transforming the workspace? If so, then you should consider investing in mobile office screens, nomique has all it takes to furnish your office and give it a perfect design