5 Best Cloud computing providers Alternative to A.W.S.



Cloud computing is one of the major services searched by many business organizations to have their websites hosted and run their business.

When we consider to host our website along with storage, we search for a hosting company or a cloud computing company to host our site, the first word we get to our minds is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Yes, absolutely it is the company currently ruling the world of Cloud computing services, and they indeed provide some of the finest services.

But, how big it may be, there exist many problems besides all benefits, may all the services they provide is not something you may not configure as a beginner, or you may feel the charges they impose are very high, and also managing your cloud with AWS requires deeper technical prowess or a dedicated workforce.

The high charges make it very difficult for beginner companies and organizations, to configure and host their site over A.W.S.

So, being unable to understand or unable to afford A.W.S many people try to search for the best alternatives. Similarly, I have researched for the best alternatives for A.W.S, which are simple and easy to configure, and made up a list as below.

1.        Tornader:

Tornado is a leading cloud computing provider. The services in cloud computing by Tornader are one of the best, that includes Unlimited Bandwidth with Multi edge network built on a Multi-cloud platform that routes data 2x faster than usual. The platform is GDPR compliant, and you are not required to have a certificate to be on the cloud. It is an open cloud platform with no vendor-proprietary lock-in, making it easier for you to move across platforms. No extra cost of hiring an agency to manage your cloud. All the cloud costs are under your control in prepaid services and you can also switch to postpaid. Tornader has a vast number of data centers located in 24 locations worldwide. They provide no cost premium support with an average time of 20 minutes.

2.        Vultr:

Vultr is a very well known platform for its large number of centers up to 15 to get access to any server worldwide and provide high usability because of their simplified hosting packages and control panel. The main benefit is that they provide easy scalability of the services they provide to your website. You can simply host a basic site and can easily scale it to advanced levels with their simple improvement services. Provide defined resources in CPU cores, RAM, storage, and bandwidth.No live chat support, but email support available. Stable platform with integrated SSD servers.

3.        Digital Ocean:

Digital Ocean is one of the leading companies providing their services with integrated SSD servers. Scattered over 12 giant data centers. The simplicity of setting up your accounts makes it highly preferable. The services they provide start from 1GB RAM, 25 GB data, and monthly data transfer of 1TB data. They provide a vast number of hosting packages to select one of your choices. Digital Ocean provides you a simple in-house control panel by which you install apps like GitLab, WordPress, Node.js, etc by just clicking over the 1-click installer. They support many distros like CentOS, Ubuntu, etc. They provide technical support through email.

4.        Azure:

Microsoft is a very known company and the majority of the people using their services like .NET and #C can get easy access to Microsoft Azure. And it is also relatively easy to understand it even if you are not familiar with Microsoft. Azure supports a wide range of computing solutions and provides flexibility in virtualizing them. They provide services in developing and also testing your application with the credits they provide once you complete setting up your account and you can scale if the configuration suits you and you can also extend your data centers with support from Windows Server, Linux, Oracle, etc.

5.         Linode:

Linode is one of the largest independent, open cloud providers in the world. The pricing system of Linode is very simple, flat, and easily predictable. They provide their services with Integrated SSD servers. The services they provide start with 1GB RAM, 25 GB SSD storage, and data transfer of 1TB data. Have 11 data centers spread globally to provide access to any server worldwide. It is an open cloud provider with no vendor lock-in system, and no proprietary frameworks and services, making it easy for you to move between platforms easily. They provide 24/7 technical support without bots, instead, a team of experts interacts with you to solve your queries.

Final Thoughts:

There are many cloud services available outside and from many big companies, but having a simple and easy to manage services saves a lot of your time and helps you focus on your business.

It is best to have everything perfect and of high-end, but it is not in all cases. Sometimes we may need something easy and efficient to make up our focus over the business.

After deeply analyzing this particular list, my opinion is that Tornader is the company that seems to be the best alternative in many aspects like all basic services embedded in one platform at a very low cost! It is very easy and simple to configure and manage.

If you think that a company is not mentioned above but it’s a must to mention, let’s know in the comments below.

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