Xbox Summer Game Fest to Have 70 Game Demos



Microsoft’s virtual Xbox event, dubbed Summer Game Fest will feature 70 game demos that hasn’t been released yet.

The full list of demos may be viewed online at the Xbox official website. Moreover, these newly announced games will make Xbox their home:

  • Dark Eye: Memoria
  • Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav
  • Ambassador: Fractured Timelines
  • Space Otter Charlie
  • Skycadia
  • Seasons of the Samurai
  • Pixel Skater
  • Mars Power Industries
  • Kaze and the Wild Masks
  • Galacide
  • Fractal Space
  • Ephemeral Tale
  • Darkestville Castle
  • Back to Belt
  • Ars Fabulae

Aside from the titles listed above, gamers can try out a good deal of demos spanning various genres. The good news is that you can participate in the special event in the comfort of your own couch, as the games will be available to download starting July 21.

Keep in mind that demos only represent a small part of a game and may not represent the full release. Developers can still change, refine and update their creations until it’s officially launched.

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