Snapchat Mini App Features Meditations from Headspace



One of Snapchat’s new mini apps allow you to meditate and hold meditation sessions together.

Snapchat recently announced its new feature called Minis, and one of the new apps, titled Headspace has begun rolling out to users. The aim of the launch is to ‘help support one’s emotional well-being and mental health’.

Minis are small apps that are integrated within the Snapchat platform. These apps are created using HTML and run without any additional download or requirements.

Headspace is just one of the four Minis to be launched this week. The three other mini apps are Flashcards, Prediction Master and Let’s Do It, which can be used as a study aid, a psychic test and a tool for group planning, respectively.

Snapchat users can access Headspace and its six sessions which last only minutes. The themes are named ‘Me Time’, ‘Pressure to Succeed’, ‘Be Nice to You’, ‘Kick the Panic’, ‘Get Out of a Funk’ and ‘Just Breathe’.

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