How to Win Playing CoC Online Games



Coc is an online game that you can play via Android and IOS. With a simple design, making this game feasible to be played by various groups and types of ages. Coc games are fun games to play. Lots of strategies are needed when playing this COC game.

How to Win Playing CoC Online Games?

Get to know Game Mechanisms and Features

Understanding the mechanics and features of the game is something that you must do, the strategy will be easier to manage when you know it. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity for revenge, which is a counterattack on players who have just attacked your team and friends.

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Revenge also has many advantages such as being able to plan a strategy before carrying out an attack. As the side being attacked you are given the freedom to see your opponent’s style and defensive strategy. You can also more easily make an attack scheme when the coc game starts.

Storing Elixir in Barracks

A medium of exchange that you can use to buy troops is Elixir, you can store it in Barracks. Make sure you make 1250 trophies your initial goal for playing the game. You can get the sweet victory achievement. It also earns you 450 gems.

Using Lightning Items

You can use lightning instead of rage, although a lot of coc players always suggest rage that deals a lot of damage. When in fact the lighting is bigger, you can also use lighting well when playing this game to destroy level 4-5 mortars.

Using Gems

In general, every game requires a strategy to win. Like the special coc, which is making a strategy to win. You can use Gems, which Gems cannot be obtained easily, and you have to buy them.

To be more durable and not easily run out, then you can save Gems in its use. These gems are needed to build something. Meanwhile, to win the game you can determine the pattern of the game from to the start. While playing, you initially have to choose whether you want to attack or defend.

If you want to survive, then you can focus on upgrading the town hall, then do the wall. After that you can form defense items such as Cannons, mortars or archer towers. Attacks you can do after the defense elements have been completed.

Resource allocation and management will be more organized when you have prepared a good defense. Then you can set the base formation properly and correctly.

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