Car Shipping Cost: 5 Important Factors to Consider Before You Decide



One affordable way to ship a car is by hiring an auto transport company. This service is quickly delivering vehicles nationwide. It can be challenging to find out how much it will cost to have your vehicle shipped by an auto transport company, but in general, many factors are taken into account when pricing out your vehicle.

Moving across locations has become commonplace. The one thing that can be frustrating for car owners is the car shipping cost. It’s imperative to have an idea of the total cost associated with moving your vehicle to a new destination. There are many factors involved when calculating the car shipping cost.


One of the main factors in determining a price for car shipping is distance. Generally, the longer the distance, the higher the overall price will be. However, there is also a discounted cost per mile fee on longer distances. If you are shipping a vehicle to a rural area from the city, the driver may have to take an alternate route. On the other hand, if it is a journey from one big city to another, the company may use a well-known route to cut down on costs. A car shipping calculator can help you find the best car shipping prices for any car, especially when it comes to international transport.

For example, the average cost for car shipping is $1.95 per mile. So, for a 300-mile journey, it would cost $585. For long-distance trips, though, the price drops to .95 cents per mile. So, if you’re moving a car over 1000 miles, it would cost an average of $585 instead of $1,950.

Car Make and Model

When you’re planning your car transport, it’s important to provide our truck driver with the vehicle specifications. This will help ensure the safe transportation of your vehicle—including the need for enough space to secure it properly and account for trailer height and side clearance.

Longer and taller vehicles may increase the cost of car shipping. Drivers need to make additional adjustments to vehicles for longer or taller cars. Vehicle modifications such as larger tires and roof racks can also have an effect on the shipping costs.

Carrier Type

Open transport is the most common type of car transport carrier, and it’s more affordable than enclosed transport. It’s usually used for standard-sized vehicles that need little protection from the elements or climate control. Enclosed transport, on the other hand, is perfect for cars that need extra security against the elements or can withstand extreme climates.

Thanks to enclosed auto transport, your cherished vehicle will be shielded from the elements during the car shipping process. Enclosed auto transporters are a little more expensive than open car transportation but are worth the peace of mind for both exotic, luxury, or delicate car transport.

Delivery Time

Do you want your vehicle transported right away? On a specific date? If that’s the case, it might cost you more. The higher cost of this service assures that your car is delivered on the date you requested. The service is used frequently by classic car owners, who want to move their cars to an auction or auto show.

Researching an auto transport company before you ship your car is important. The best way to find the right company for your vehicle is to do your research early. You should plan your car shipment as far in advance as possible.


Car shipping costs fluctuate based on the time of year. For example, shipping cars to warmer states are more expensive during the winter months because of the snowbird season. The car shipping service industry, just like some other industries, has its ups and downs. Shipping in the winter is more expensive because of the snow in the area that can affect routes, making it difficult to drive.

During the winter, retirees flock to the warmer states like Florida and Texas by driving up shipping prices. The increased traffic during these months, coupled with the rush of Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays, forces the cost of shipping to rise.

You can calculate the cost of shipping your car with a car shipping calculator. Depending on the date you choose for shipment, prices may vary.


Beyond these five main factors, there are countless other factors that affect a car shipping quote. Carefully consider the costs and prepare for extras. Collect prices from several transport providers to find the best deals.

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