How to Style Your Kitchen: Everything You Need to Know



The heart of the home, the kitchen, is one of the focal features of any property. It’s where food is prepared and cooked, where we share our favourite meals and where we socialise with family and friends. Our kitchens have never worked harder as we continuously use the space to adapt to our ways of living and is the most multifunctional room in our home. As we spend so much time in our kitchen, most homeowners are keen to keep up to date with changing trends and designs in the kitchen- which can be anything from changing the light fixtures in your kitchen to renovating the whole room in terms of structure and appliances. As the kitchen is one of the most sought after features of any property, your kitchen design can dramatically impact the value of your home, adding equity onto the property which is great if you’re looking to put your home on the market. Designing your dream kitchen doesn’t have to be a huge task, and there are plenty of simple tips and tricks to make your kitchen look effortlessly flawless while adding value onto your property. So, if you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, perhaps your kitchen is the place to start. Here at We Buy Any House have compiled our top kitchen designs and additions that you need in 2021.

#1- Go Green:

Although we love to encourage a sustainable kitchen, this time we’re talking in terms of colour. Green is the ‘it’ colour this year, especially specific shades of green such as sage with defines a contemporary kitchen, and forest green which helps set a more traditional tone and enrich the classic design of a kitchen. The neutrality of green brings a fresh elegance to your kitchen and allows you to connect the outdoor world to your indoor space, and complete with bronze, brass or copper elements creates a timeless finish.

#2- Clever and Compact:

If you’re tired of your kitchen looking boxy or narrow, then a compact kitchen will work wonders for your space. The compact design enables your kitchen to maximise its efficiency, whilst keeping everything hidden for a minimalist and decluttered feel. It’s vital to ensure every space and corner of the kitchen is utilised- and incorporating tall wall units, and cabinet banks along a single wall is an effective way to enhance the space while having ample storage. Hidden drawers and multifunctional cupboards are a great addition, and the space under island worktops are a savvy space to hide some storage.

#3- Hooks:

Although you’ll have to sacrifice your wall cupboards, shaker-style hooks are a prominent and popular feature of kitchen designs this year. Homeowners are straying from the use of overhead cupboards and instead installing shaker-style hooks that sit on rail, so that kitchen utensils, crockery, herbs and decorations can be displayed in the kitchen. This is also a great idea for those with smaller kitchens, as the removal of kitchen cupboards allows extra light and space to make the kitchen feel larger and airier.

#4- Minimalism:

Thanks to the trends popularised by the Kardashian-Jenner clan, minimalism has become an increasingly sought-after design across homes- and the kitchen is no exception. The timeless look predominantly features a clean and fresh presence and sticks to a basic nude colour palette. Worktops are only to show the most essential appliances- but for a complete dedication to minimalism, perhaps a single center piece in the kitchen is more ideal. The elegant design is easy on the eye and has a sense of agelessness- and requires minimal effort to put into place! (No pun intended; we promise).

#5- Dark Surfaces:

Contrary to our last point, dark surfaces are also very popular in kitchen designs. The popular two-tone kitchen has seen the emergence of dark surfaces throughout kitchens. Exuding luxury, accent shades of black and dark grey that are used on worktops, splash backs and floors are inviting, and when combined with lighter furniture and textured woods a homely and sophisticated kitchen.

#6- Statement Flooring:

Long gone are the boring white tiles that appear in every kitchen showroom, ever. To upgrade your kitchen to the height of style, think about incorporating statement flooring. It’s a great alternative if you’re too nervous to incorporate busy walls and is an effective way to change how your kitchen looks without spending a fortune. Keep the walls and furniture neutral and let the floor do the talking for your stylish kitchen.

#7- Larder Cupboard/ Pantry:

If you can incorporate one of these into your kitchen, its 100% worth doing. Larder and pantry storage is a vital part of any modern kitchen, and even if it’s not a huge area, having a small space to store frequently used items with easy access creates an effortless flow to your working kitchen. Installing a number of guises, with built-in lighting, drawers and pull-out options enables you to have a perfect combination of practicality and style in the kitchen.

#8- Low Hanging Lights:

Lighting can affect the mood of a room massively, and while styling your kitchen it’s important to think about not only the type of lighting you want in your kitchen, but the style of lamp and how this kitchen is going to be used for various activities in the kitchen. You may want to keep your main kitchen light for practicality purposes, but low hanging lamps over kitchen islands that create a calming ambiance are a great addition to any kitchen and are perfect for socialising in the kitchen.

#9- Hot Water Tap:

In a world where we have instant access to everything- why should hot water be any different? Instead of waiting for the kettle to boil, investing in a hot water tap will solve all of your problems. It’s the most sought-after kitchen appliance of 2021, which has been spurred by the work-from-home movement. Hot water taps are a sophisticated addition to modernise and style your kitchen and require one less appliance to be sat on the worktop.

#10- Textured Finishes:

Plain finishes for a kitchen have become slightly overrated. Popular with designers and interior stylists are textured finishes for your kitchen. Strongly veined marble creates a sense of unmissable luxury throughout your kitchen and has made a significant comeback in the world of interior design- and allows a contrast to be made with other polished surfaces. Wood finishes are also extremely popular, as is a revived trend in kitchen design. Using wood that has warmer tones is a great way to add a textured finish to your kitchen, such as oak or walnut.

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