Prize Fiesta: Comprehensive investigation



In 2021, when more than 3.5 billion people play video games regularly, including almost a billion on mobile, what is the recipe for games that appeal to the public?

Games where players can win real prizes are gaining in popularity. Winning gifts represents real added value, which helps enormously to attract players.

When it comes to prize games, Prize Fiesta is one of the most iconic. But let’s take a closer look at how it all works.

What is Prize Fiesta?

Prize Fiesta is a puzzle-based game that can be found on Apple or Android tablets and smartphones. Released in December 2016, the game is published by the company FULL GAME AHEAD, which has been publishing games since 2010.

Prize Fiesta seems much more interesting than traditional games like Candy Crush, because the goal is to pass the different levels by filling your piggy bank to access a real Aladdin’s cave of gifts.

The game has also been optimized to make it easy to handle for people with disabilities.

What can you win in Prize Fiesta?

Prize Fiesta offers an unprecedented reward system – at the end, you can choose a real gift based on your points. To be able to choose the gift you want to receive, you will obviously have to play regularly.

 But which gift will you choose?

– The latest trendy smartphone.

– The latest-generation flat-screen TV.

– A Ford Fiesta.

Who can win prizes in Prize Fiesta?

Prize Fiesta rewards its eligible loyal players, so the more you play, the more chances you have to win prizes. But that’s not the only benefit of this app. The whole experience is enjoyable. As soon as you pick it up, you are drawn into a hyper-addictive game! The music punctuates your adventures, perfectly matching the stimulating and colorful visuals of Prize Fiesta. But beware: Only players over 18 who live in an authorized country are eligible to win prizes. The list of countries eligible for winnings is available on the OFFICIAL GAME WEBSITE.

Who are the sponsors/organizers of Prize Fiesta?

Prize Fiesta is published by game publisher Full Game Ahead. This publisher has existed since 2010 and has five great successes to its credit. Who could forget the famous Coin Pusher, with more than two million players in Europe, which was a benchmark for the genre?

What you see right away when you enter the world of Full Game Ahead is the graphic quality of the elements that make up their games. The ultra-fun gameplay testifies to the skill and dedication of the creators who deliver these high-quality games.

How does Full Game Ahead’s customer care work?

The Full Game Ahead company, which publishes the Prize Fiesta and Prize Blast games, offers exceptional customer service compared to what is usually found in the world of mobile game apps:

– Customer service is integrated into each app, where it remains accessible without leaving the games (functionality available on: Prize Fiesta, Prize Blast, Garden Goons, Maze Fiesta).

– All user requests are answered within 24 hours (every working day and for all games).

– A “community manager” service runs social media groups and organizes fun events.

– Account managers also take care of supporting players throughout the logistics phase when a gift is delivered to their home.

How many prizes are won on Prize Fiesta?

The game displays a total of 4,700 gifts delivered, valued at US$1,300,000.00. In the gift cave, 1,100 winners have sent in their photos, posing with their gift. That’s 23.5% of people who have sent in photos. This provides the company with excellent credibility and great publicity.

The most frequently won gifts are smart watches, Google or Alexa smart speakers, and iPads.

Full Game Ahead is so committed to the satisfaction of its players that it even asks them what gifts they would like to discover as future rewards.

The company understands that winners who submit their photos generate great positive publicity for their games.

What are the odds of winning at Prize Fiesta?

In Prize Fiesta, dedicated players are rewarded. The good news is that the principle is based on loyalty: the longer you play, the more chance you have of progressing through the levels. Just by playing for 10 minutes a day, you significantly increase your chances of collecting points.

Sweepstakes and loyalty programs, which do not constitute gambling, are a handy way of assessing your chances of winning. This is important for the players, who can see that the odds of winning are much higher than in games of chance.

It is true that players who invest a lot of time in the game often win gifts, receiving them at home in the days following their victory. The great thing about Prize Fiesta is that you can let yourself be guided by the app, which will offer you the right alternatives for progress at the right time.

How can you increase your chances of winning at Prize Fiesta?

Prize Fiesta has a large community of players, who can be found on social media. It can be useful to interact with them to get tips from the real winners of the game. The Prize Fiesta community offers great mutual support, and you will easily find contacts. We have learned that:

– Most winners play at least five times a week.

– By playing for at least seven consecutive minutes, you statistically increase your chances of winning a gift.

Here are five other tips to increase your chances of winning a gift:

1. PLAY at the bottom of the level to increase your choices on subsequent moves.

2. PRIORITIZE spreading the goo high up on the board when there is not much.

3. TAKE your time before making each move.

4. COLLECT mushrooms whenever you have spare moves.

5. VISIT the dwarves every day.

Is Prize Fiesta a legitimate and legal game?

Yes, Prize Fiesta is perfectly legitimate and legal. The Terms of Service published by Full Game Ahead as well as the easily accessible sweepstakes rules have been prepared, drafted and certified by international lawyers.

The game ensures that the prize-winning process is legal in all eligible territories.

The principles of sweepstakes and loyalty programs that govern the gift-winning process are well known. Sweepstakes have been around since the 1930s, when they were called “Irish Sweepstakes”. In the UK and Ireland, they are now called “competitions”.

Sweepstakes are de facto outside the status of “gambling”. As for loyalty programs, they are legal everywhere! (Except in North Korea).

In order to increase its credibility, Full Game Ahead has its sweepstakes administered in the USA, where the laws in this area provide more reliable guidance. The publisher uses the services of a specialist American administrator, Mango Family.

What about the Prize Fiesta advertisements?

Prize Fiesta advertisements are legitimate, with no characteristics of deceptive advertising. The commercials clearly indicate that Prize Fiesta is not a gambling game. These advertisements do not promise players they will win immediately.

Realistic advertising is the Full Game Ahead method. It combines gameplay footage with photos of winners.

Unfortunately, there will always be a few “haters” complaining that the prizes are not instantaneous. It’s easy to accuse something of being a scam. But the vast majority of players attest to the veracity of the Prize Fiesta advertisements. As for the winners, they unanimously confirm the legitimacy of the advertising. Prize Fiesta is free and its advertisements do not promote gambling.

Is Prize Fiesta popular with players?

Yes, Prize Fiesta has over 10,000 ratings with an average score of 4.4 / 5. Over 9,500 reviews have been posted on Android, while 5,000 reviews have come from Apple.

Player satisfaction even reaches 4.6 out of 5 stars on iOS! We can therefore conclude that Prize Fiesta is very popular with the majority of players.

Our opinion on Prize Fiesta?

Prize Fiesta is a great discovery. It is easy and relaxing, and you are quickly drawn into the game. The prospect of winning prizes adds another dimension to your adventure. The chances of rewards are good. The sweepstakes process and the loyalty programs used are perfectly reliable.