The Best UK Sports News Sites to Follow



Numerous websites offer sports news online. As a matter of fact, you would be lost in the contents you would find on these websites. However, getting a sports news website that will give you vital information about sports can be a difficult task.

Fortunately, below, we have provided a comprehensive list of the best websites that offer news about sports in the United Kingdom. These sports websites offer news on all types of sports, ranging from football to hockey and even some funny videos and many more for you to digest. Let’s examine them below;

BBC Sport; The Best for Reporting Major Sporting Events

One of the major reasons why BBC is better than other major sports websites is because there are no ads on its website. The BBC sports website is the best website you can always visit when you want to know about the latest results and sports news in the United Kingdom and all around the world.

For instance, the BBC dedicates a section of its website for news related to the Olympic Games, World Cup Football, and some other important Sporting events during the competitions. This is because BBC holds a TV right to these competitions, and thus, it is the best place to be updated with news from the competition.

During these competitions, BBC offers a live-blog service, which features live commentary service from pundits and the fans’ reactions on the social media. You will also find some videos interviews with sports celebrities

Furthermore, you’ll find the highlights of some sports events in the UK, and some useful articles that are composed by retired sportsmen and women. These articles will help you gain more understanding about sporting activities like Olympic Games, Formula 1, Paralympic Games, Golf and even Cricket. In all, BBC Sports is still the website to beat when it comes to the website that serves all-round.

Sky Sports – A Good Website That Complements Your Sky Subscription

SkySports features various live events. When it comes to broadcasting live sporting events in the United Kingdom, nothing beats Sky Sports. Sky Sports cover events like Football, Rugby, Tennis, Darts, Cricket, Boxing, Wrestling, and many more.

With Sky Sports Website reporting professional football news around the world, you’ll be provided with up-to-date information on all types of sports. On the Sky Sports website, you’ll find a drop-down menu, which offers you a lot of information on your favorite sport including the latest news, results and live scores, fixtures, and so on.

However, the Sky Sports website partners with its TV service and obviously creates content from on-screen activities. Once an event is featured on SkySports TV, it automatically generates more visitors to its website, hence, the website uses this to its advantage. Furthermore, if you have subscribed to SkySports TV packages, you can also get access to some exclusive video content online.

Sportslens – The Best in Sports Journalism

Established in 2006, Sportslens is one of the original ‘sports blogs’ and has covered football and other top sports extensively for many years. In addition to covering the latest news you’ll also see in-depth interviews, analysis, video commentary and stats to support your sports-watching experience.

 Its competitive edge over every other sports news website is the quality of its content – all thanks to its selection of great and proven sports journalists who create the best content of sports around the world. The website boasts of written articles that are of quality on its website.

Bleacher Report – A Sports Website That Prioritizes Sports News That Relates to Your Team

Bleacher Report is an American and British sports news website. Although it started as an American sports news website, it now offers sports news also in the UK. What’s more, it tailors news feed to the readers according to their country.

Bleacher Report’s competitive advantage is the way it prioritizes the contents its users see. This feature is known as “Team Stream” and it allows its users have more control over what the website displays for them. Users only have to select their favorite teams as soon as they create a login on the website. After this, news, competitions, and related to their team of choice will be displayed to them.

Generally, BR posts short, snappy, and up-to-date sports content, and this has helped the website in winning more football fans over to their side. The website also features a section on their website which offers all breaking news across social media.

FootballBlog – A Good Website to Get In-Depth Football News

FootballBlog offers in-depth information for football lovers who wish to go deeper into football stats. FB goes beyond the news headlines and offers in-depth analysis on the top issues facing the sport.

Goal – Offers Football News All Over the World has now become one of the football news’ top websites. Its reputation can be traced to the domain name of the website. The website features a breaking news section that provides the latest news in sports. It also provides information on the result, polls, transfer rumors, videos, fixtures, and league tables.

Currently, the website boasts of more than 500 reporters in various countries who bring to your perusal sports news from different parts of the world. The website also features the “transfer talk” section which keeps you updated on news and rumors regarding football transfers.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.