How to attract customers in your café



It’s a booming business- yes; the coffee industry has seen a growth estimated to be over 400 percent in the past decade. The number of coffee shops has mushroomed, and the growth curve remains positive. That means the supply continues to grow faster than the demand, and therefore a question arises; how can you get customers to prefer coming to your shop and not go to the competition? 

If you want to funnel new customers to your business and maintain them, this article tells you how.

Be affordable

With coffee shops growing at a high rate, you have to rethink your pricing. Take a quick survey of the pricing of other coffee shops. That can mean you walk to a few or even send a few people to buy from your competitor. Once you establish the pricing, set yours slightly below their rate. In an economy where most customers belong to the medium class, you’ve to be price conscious and keep readjusting to ensure that you’re the most preferred. If your price is affordable, you’ll attract coffee lovers in droves. 

Target the millennials

Millennials are a generation that is mostly trapped-for-cash, and they are the reason for the mushrooming number of coffee shops across the country. You’ve to think of ingenious ways of keeping them hooked to your shop. In addition to the pricing, consider having a variety of brews, from organic brews to digital deals. Give them social media incentives and all those enticements which do not cost you much. You only need to have a good name among this cohort, and “boom!” you’ve got them coming to your business.

Seasonal drinks

Offering the same old drink month after month may turn out dull. Now that’s a feeling that you should never allow. Customers, especially the millennials, are always looking for a new thing. You need to have seasonally-specific brews. Get creative and make sure you know every season and what it means to your customers. That way, you get a brew and give them offers, season after season. Make those pumpkin spice drinks available during the fall and give offers; look for the floral-infused teas and such stuff. You’ll never have a problem with numbers-they’ll keep trickling to your cafe. 

Be social media savvy.

Every other person, including your grandma, is on social media- and what are they doing? They’re most likely looking for that new product that offers a better solution. Thus your café must have a presence on social media. Keep your account active and engage the customers. Make sure you respond to their queries promptly. That way, you make your business relationship oriented-it’s easy to keep friends.

Go eco-friendly

Global warming is a matter that bothers every other person, and your target customers are sensitive on what they’re using. That is why your coffee cups; the coffee stirrers should be degradable. Make sure you’ve wooden stir sticks as opposed to plastic. That way, your customers know that you care for their environment. Everyone wants to be associated with those who care- caring for the environment means you also care for the customer.

Coffee shops are not a new phenomenon, and for decades now, many businesses have come up. To stand out from the crowd, get innovative, brand yourself and come out strongly as that unique café that cares for the customers and the environment.