The Most Popular Online Gaming Site Review



Bet365 is one of the most famous, if not the most famous, betting sites available online and for a good reason. Ever since they first showed up in 2001, Denise Coates and her brother John, have done almost everything imaginable to make sure of that.

Bet365 is the only betting site initiated by a woman but that isn’t the only reason why they stand out.

As opposed to their competition, Bet365 has made sure to stand out with their various offers and limitless possibilities when it comes to online betting. We can add that Bet365 has become the most profitable online betting site.

When online betting became an option, Bet365 was in the lead right away, because they made sure their player’s money was safe. Bet365 at the time had numerous shops opened in Great Britain, where players could have placed a bet identical to the one possible online and get paid directly, instead of waiting for their money online.

This feeling of certainty attracted a lot of customers at the time. Their innovations didn’t stop there. While other betting sites were focused on the major sporting events, Bet365 included all the minor league soccer games in Britain. Obviously this move attracted a lot of passionate players to start betting. Bet365 has focused on all sporting events from the get go.

In addition, betting options on Bet365 included sporting events that were active on other continents and in all time zones.

Bet365 alternative links

Bet365 is a betting site that has prohibited betting online in some countries due to their specific betting laws. In Croatia, for example, betting online is allowed but only since recently. Ever since it was allowed, online betting was available only for domestic sites.

Seeing how people will always find a way to place a bet online and on foreign sites, Croatia has allowed it, purely out of fear of losing a big piece of this cake.

However accessing foreign online betting sites like Bet365 is not available directly. The only possibility to use Bet365 in this case is using alternative or mirror links.

So, if you live in Croatia and want to use Bet365 you can do that safely using alternative links or mirror links found on

The mirror links are actually open routes accessible without the VPN. Mirror sites like the one for Bet365 is a FTP site that possesses all the same files and documents like the page that is being mirrored.

Bet365 Bonus

A welcome bonus is something you receive upon your registration to the site Bet365. Not all bookies offer this kind of incentive.

Bet365 welcome bonus is available only to the new customers. You have to make a qualifying deposit of at least £5 and claim the offer within the first 30 days of registering your account.

The bet credits you receive this way are not withdrawable and will be held safe at your account. The welcome bonus will be canceled if your account remains inactive for a period of 90 days.

Bet365 also provides a bonus of £50 for users that activate their account on their mobile app. That means that even their regular customers can receive this bonus when activating the app.

To qualify for the welcome bonus credits, you need to place a bet under certain conditions. The odds must be 1/5 and the bet is supposed to be placed on markets that offer several outcomes. Cash made bets and those via the phone aren’t taken under consideration here.

Bet365 Live offers

What makes Bet365 attractive to new players still?

In the year 2010, Bet365 received an award for the best online betting site. Considering how many novelties they implemented it was no wonder. To this day we can say that Bet365 doesn’t have the right competition in the field.

No other betting site can match the live offers Bet365 provides. At any given moment, there are hundreds of bets available in their live offer, plus you have a chance to watch the events you placed your bet on, and live. You can enjoy live feed if you have open bets placed and no more credit on your account. Bet365 is the only betting site with this kind of offer.

The in-play arena on Bet365 betting site redefined online betting and the way people view sports. They simply cover most sports and offer widest betting options for in-play betting.

You can find in-play options for betting live on most other gambling sites today, but Bet365 leads the way because you can choose live offers for numerous sports. Others will have an option for tennis and football, but Bet365 offers such bets even for handball, badminton, basketball etc.

It’s no wonder Bet365 has been compared to Las Vegas on the Internet so many times. Even their slot machines are programmed to return 95% of all funds invested, just like in the real Las Vegas. Other than the live offers, Bet365 is very well known for the huge bonus payments they offer their players.

Another thing that makes Bet365 stand out is the fact that you have the whole currency market at your disposal. Some of the best poker tournaments were organised on Bet365, which can be compared to the ones on Poker Stars.

Simply put, Bet365 has everything imaginable and in one single place.

Bet365 Mobile app

Mobile apps compatible with the online betting sites are no news, however they ought to be up to date and have a very fast interface.

Bet365 mobile app is compatible with three different mobile platforms and supports more sports for live-stream than any other site. You can also place a bet on all the same events that are presented on the online platform.

For a mobile app to be as equally as good as the actual online platform, the app has to be flawless. When we’re talking about the in live offers, there mustn’t be delays or misleading information.

Bet365 mobile app stands out of all the others because it is very user friendly, their interface looks like the one on the web version. The feature for the in-play betting operates smoothly, there are no significant delays due to quick loading times and odds change very quickly.

Other than being easy to navigate you can also find statistics and scores tab that many find helpful when placing an in-play bet. In addition you can find links to financial markets, poker, games and casino.

Bet365 really stands out by every standard.  It is a very competitive field with a lot to keep in mind but somehow Bet365 has been leading the way ever since the beginning. Even though they aren’t going anywhere, at least for the foreseeable future, one wonders what will they think of next?