All you ever wanted to know about Online Gaming at home



Bet at home is one of the largest booking sites with over 4 million customers registered.

It was founded in 1999 and since then Bet at home has developed into a company that has over 250 employees dedicated to keeping their customers up to date and satisfied.

Bet at home is an online betting site, translated to 15 languages, including Croatian.  Browsing their online platform you can choose over 23.000 different bet options that caption more than 75 different sports worldwide. Bet at home proudly offers customer support 24/7 and in all the languages that it has been translated to.

Bet at home was founded by Jochen Dickinger and Franz Omer in 1999, in Linz, Austria.

Since 2009, Bet at home has been owned by BetClick group, which guarantees quality and safety in the field. They have over 3.5 million active users which speaks volumes about the quality of this site. In addition, Bet at home has never thus far had a problem with payouts, cancellations or similar malversations that have been known to happen on other sites.

How to register on Bet at home

To become one of their loyal customers, you’ll need to register on their site. The registration process itself is pretty easy, but what makes it easier is if you aren’t really skilled with the English language, is the interface and live chat with the employees, available in more than 15 languages.

Bet at home offers more than 8000 different bet options each day. What’s fascinating is that you can see results of the placed bet within seconds after the sport event is finished.

Bet-at home really take their job seriously and have no intentions of letting their customers wait for their money. When it comes to cashing out your hard earned money, Bet at home are very professional and fast, unlike any other betting site.

Bet at home Bonus

Once you’ve registered on Bet at home online betting site, you are entitled to a bonus.

Bet at home, upon your registration, covers 50% of your first payment, up to 200 euro in total. So, basically if you invest 400 euro after registration you will get a 200 euro bonus.

This bonus is valid for the first 90 days after you sign up. If your account on Bet at home seems inactive and there is no traffic within the first 90 days, this bonus will disappear.

Once you register on Bet at home you’ll see a slot dedicated for the bonus, just type in the word FIRST and within seconds you’ll receive your designated bonus.

Other bonuses

The Bet at home online betting site offers so much more than just betting on sport events. Like most other sites of this type, by joining Bet at home you’ll get access to slot machines, casino games and Poker.

But what makes Bet at home stand out are their Casino and Poker bonuses. If you invest 100 euro to your casino account on Bet at home you will receive a bonus in the same amount. It is a bit harder to make a significant profit this way because you need to spin that bonus over 40 times on slot machines, but it is possible.

A bonus that’s worth mentioning above all others is the one you can receive playing Poker on Bet at home. You see, if you initially invest the maximum amount allowed, 1.500 euro, Bet at home will add their bonus on top of that and in the same amount, i.e. 1.500 euro.

The poker bonus on Bet at home is monitored with collecting loyalty points. For example, for every 125 loyalty points you can cash out the minimum amount possible, of 5 euro, and the maximum can be cashed out after collecting 37.500 loyalty points. It takes approximately 2 months for a player to cash out the maximum and with regular participation.

What you need to be aware of that you will be sanctioned or even banned by Bet at home customer support if you don’t stick to their rules, which are explained in detail in their T&C.

Main reasons for getting banned are misrepresentation or having more than one account on Bet at home.


Bet at home offers all types of payments imaginable, as well as cash outs.

The most used ways to make a payment on Bet at home are Skrill and Neteller. Players can also make a payment directly from their bank account, using a credit card or a debit one, like Maestro, Mastercard and Visa.

There is no online betting site that offers payments via American Express, because of their rather puritan policy that states that they won’t be a part of the gambling world. The same goes for Diners cards but for different reasons.

Another fact that makes Bet at home stand out is that since recently they have allowed the use of Diners Card, and they are the only online betting site with this possibility.

Players can also use a PaySafe prepaid card to make down payments and withdraw cash.

The minimum amount for all types of payments is 10 euro, except Paysafe, where you can start betting with as little as 5 euro investment. The down side to Paysafe is that Bet at home claims 3% commision on your cashouts via PaySafe card.

When it comes to payouts, Bet at home has different rules. Payout or cash out is always done the same way you made the payment. If you made an investment and tried playing via a voucher, Paysafe card or a credit card, you’ll receive your winnings directly to your bank account. Minimum payout via Skrill and Neteller is 10 euro. If you’re expecting payments to your bank account, then the minimum amount for a withdrawal is 100 euro.

Some betting sites take 15% commision per payment to their customers bank accounts or maybe offer 1 free payment to your bank account. Bet at home, on the other side, allows 3 transactions a month to your direct bank account and completely free.


Bet at home is a very trustworthy online betting site, that offers loads of bonuses and free bets. You can also access this betting site here.

Most players opt for a chance in Poker, due to the high stakes and winning possibilities.

Bet at home has made even Poker approachable because you can enroll in their school of Poker, in all the languages the site is supported. This school is made to make you confident in making even larger investments and competing with professionals.

In addition, there is a list of the best Poker players and their rankings which is regularly updated.

So there are many reasons for you to give it a try, just beware of the rules and that you’re not in violation of their policy. Good luck!