US Holiday Season 2021: A Guide for Safe Travel



The holidays are fun, but most of the time, it’s exhausting and jam-packed airports and roads add more to the worry. And we are not even getting started on increased hotel booking rates and fares for almost everything. 

And if all that was still barely manageable, you now must worry about the Pandemic — adding one more exhausting layer of bureaucracy and stress. If you’re traveling to the US, you will have to take testing, vaccination, and quarantine regulations in account even before you step foot in the country. 

Fortunately for you, we have done the hard work so that you don’t have to. We are putting the best advice on table to help you navigate through the country without worrying too much. 

Research COVID-19 Restrictions 

Here comes the most important part of the journey — even before it begins. If there’s one thing you should know about COVID-19 restrictions, it changes very often. The country is still dealing with COVID-19 and since this is the festival season, it’s likely that the restrictions may be tightened. 

Get in touch with everyone from travel advisors, agents, to hotels, residents and confirm about the current restrictions and regulations — do it again before you plan to travel. Remember the time when you wanted to go to a super popular tourist destination and after four hours of extra travel, it turned out to be closed? 

Yeah, don’t do this again. Timings are bound to change, especially during the holidays. If a particular destination is important to you, be sure to confirm the opening and closing timings before you plan to travel. 

Even after taking all the precautions, it is always a good idea to consider purchasing your travel insurance! Choose from some of the best travel insurance for USA and safeguard your trip. 

Stand Out

Why go to crowded places when you can stand out? Consider visiting places that the majority may ignore.

Let’s say, it’s the Christmas or New Year, everyone around the world want to visit the same superbly crowded places, why not try something new and different this time?

This not only helps you explore new places and enjoy your holidays more, it is also economic and safer since lesser people means less costs and more safely. 

It’s a win-win for you! 

Keep Spare Sanitizers in Your Carry-on

Holiday literally means crowded places, busy streets, and exhausted people around you all the time. You never know if the other person shaking hands with you has also shaken hands with someone with COVID

Just to be safe, always keep some extra Sanitizers in your carry-on because at a point of time, you will need to sanitize yourself for your own and other’s safety. 

This single choice will make things a lot better for you. 

Wear Two Layer Masks

Masks… Well, those have become a part of our daily lives in this pandemic. And it’s more important than ever that you take proper precautions before you step a foot outside.

One small negligence and it could end up in a huge mess. Hence, to be double sure, wear a two-layer mask that protect you from COVID affected people around you.  

Be Ready to Accept Wrong Decisions 

No plan ever goes according to the plan. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have Plan A, B, C, and so on. Right? 

You can take all the tips available on Google, plan way ahead of the scheduled, and even take all the precautions, but things might still go wrong — and whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. 

When you are traveling, especially during the holiday’s seasons, things do happen and it’s fine if it goes wrong. Just be prepared and when it happens, it won’t bother you as much as you think. 

Keep alternative plans ready to save your day and you will enjoy the rest of your holidays. 

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.