How to Find Out Your Reputation Score

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Did you know that a Google search could ruin your chances of landing your dream job? Something you posted years ago and never really thought about could be hindering your future. If you keep a close eye on your reputation score, you could change this and ensure all the right doors are open to you in the future. In this piece, you’ll read more about a reputation score and learn how to find out your reputation score.

What is a Reputation Score?

Your reputation score is essentially how your online presence helps or hurts your future career. You know how everyone always says “be careful what you post on the internet, future employers will see it”? This score is the quantitative way to show this idea.

It works just like a credit score. You get a single number within a range of up to 800 points. The closer you are to 800, the more likely you are to achieve different career goals thanks to your online profiles.

If you’re closer to 0, then you’re at a higher risk of getting rejected for a job, losing out on a promotion, or getting denied for a scholarship or business opportunity. This is why internet reputation management is so important.

Doing the right things online will result in a higher probability of reaching your career goals. Finding your reputation score will indicate any unprofessional social posts, damaging search results, and generally unprofessional content across your online profiles.

How to Find Out Your Reputation Score

Just like a credit check, finding your reputation score can’t be done by just anyone – you need to go through the right party. If you want a legitimate reputation score that actually correlates with your online presence, then you can consider a company like Internet Reputation.

Using their platform makes the whole process pretty easy. You put in a little information about yourself and their algorithm gets to work. They’ll scrub through a massive database on the internet and boil it all down to a single score that tells you all about your personal branding.

They’ll also provide a ton of tips to help you increase your score and therefore increase your chances of success in your future. You could be making a simple mistake that hurts your score.

You can run a reputation check as often as you’d like without major damage to your score. This means that you can implement the changes and track how your score changes in real-time.


In today’s age, the internet has a lot of power when it comes to your career. If you want to get started on the right foot and position yourself in the best possible way, you need to know what your current reputation score is. The pros at Internet Reputation will tell you this information and more. Make sure you know your score and know what you can do to improve it. Your online reputation can’t wait – reach out to them today!

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