What to do in case you are injured by an uninsured driver?



Road accidents occur so often due to excess traffic and crowds that they have become a billion-dollar problem in the US. In case of few issues in this context, the drivers responsible for causing this disastrous event and collision don’t have insurance. For dealing with such individuals during such incidents, you have only two options. Firstly, when your car is damaged, or any injuries have been sustained, you can sue the vehicle driver, irrespective of whether the driver is insured. Secondly, you can use a part of the uninsured motorist advantage in an insurance policy while filing for compensation. You can contact the Tampa Car Accident Lawyer to choose a better route. 

Although the option of filing a lawsuit against the uninsured is a choice, it is not always an ideal choice. The person who doesn’t have car insurance doesn’t have the financial capability to pay for the property damage or repay the medical expenses. Usually, you can’t acquire much compensation from the uninsured individuals as they own a few assets only. 

Even if a decision is reached whereby the victim is entitled to monetary payouts, zero or only a little compensation can be obtained as the income earned by these individuals is very less. A court order can be used to compel the party that loses a case to pay a certain amount of compensation to the victim. However, in most cases, the courts are familiar that a person cannot pay the amount he/she doesn’t have or earn. As a result, the court doesn’t force the person who is incapable of paying his debt to pay the amount accrued. An option of a payment plan is provided for ensuring the victim is paid back eventually by the defendant after contacting the court or setting up a plan. Usually, a small amount as a weekly payment can be provided to the victim, although this amount isn’t high. 

Although most of the suits filed against a person can’t obtain compensation, there are cases where the person has money. If the individual’s financial status can be highlighted, a personal injury lawyer or the Tampa Car Accident Lawyer can handle the case. There can be different types of evidence that can exist, for example, possession of an asset. So, an asset verification or credit verification is performed on the driver responsible for the accident. If the verification process successfully generates positive outcomes related to monetary assets, an attorney can assist you with the case while ensuring a lawsuit is filed. During this process, the legal presenter can file a lien against the defendant’s property to freeze his assets. It is done to ensure that the property, money, or assets can’t be mobilized or concealed during the process or events of litigation. 

Due to strict deadlines, the victim needs to file such claims as soon as possible. The entire gamut can get quite complex. The ideal thing is to speak to a seasoned Tampa Car lawyer and take it legally forward.

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