Mobility Caring



 There are a lot of challenges that come with age and disabilities. Sometimes all you could ask for is to be able to live independently without needing someone’s constant assistance. Mobility Caring specialises in high-quality equipment meant for the elderly or the disabled. They have years of experience in the caring industry, and the products are reliable and functional in real-life situations. They only stock trustworthy products that healthcare professionals recommend.

They provide a myriad of equipment ranging from mobility scooters to hospital beds. You’ll also find a safe payment method and a helpful support team.

 Types of Mobility Equipment

The main types of mobility equipment designed to ease your walking are:

Walkers and Rollators

There are several types of walkers which you can opt for according to your requirements. You can select a Standard Walker with rubber-tipped legs which you need to lift with each movement forward. Then, there are walkers with 2-4 wheels which provide for swift and easy movement. There are also knee-walkers which are like foot-propelled scooters, except that they have a platform for resting your knees.

The Raomi Progressive Mobility Aid is a multi-functional walker that you can customise according to your needs. You can also transform it from a walker to a wheeled-walker. It is useful for maintaining your posture and vertical alignment. It caters for a wide range of requirements.

However, if you have limited mobility, then the adjustable aluminium walker with a slip-resistant tip is a good choice for you.

If you have injuries below the knee, then you should go for the Days Steerable Knee Walker. There are hand brakes for extra safety and control of the equipment. There’s also a front basket in the walker.


A wheelchair is an excellent choice if you need more mobility assistance than just walkers and rollators. You can choose from manual wheelchairs to motorised or electric ones. You will able to enjoy more independence if you opt for a wheelchair and will be able to stay outdoors for longer. Most public transport and buildings are wheelchair accessible.

You must consult your physician if you need one and if you do, whether to opt for a manual or an electric one. You must also consider your size and height, and if there’s an option to adjust the wheelchair suiting your comfort. If you need to take your car, you must get a foldable wheelchair that would fit in the boot of your vehicle. The lightweight wheelchairs are good options when you’re not a frequent user.


An accessibility ramp is an inclined plane that helps with wheelchair access and other types of wheeled objects. It is generally used in place of stairs for mobility users. Ramps can be permanent, semi-permanent, or portable. The EZ-access Threshold Ramps has a rust-proof aluminium surface which enables the users to easily enter and exit standard doors. It can support up to 600 lbs.

The Sammons Preston Hardwood Transfer Board Ramp is a hardwood board that aids in transferring products, and it can support up to 250 lbs. You can also check out other kinds of care equipment to suit your needs, such as the lift chairs, beds, cushions, CPAP machines, etc.

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