We All Need Fantasy Read in Our Lives: Here is Why



Fantasy is an intriguing genre. But, perhaps what makes it even more interesting is how far fans are willing to go in pursuit of their beloved fantasy stories. Its popularity also emanates from the popular culture appeal and success that fantasy writers seem to command. Fantasy writers dream big and try to bring their dreams into existence through fantastines knygos. From medieval worlds characterized by wizards and warlocks to scientific spaceship creations, fantasy captures many literary worlds and is undoubtedly something everyone should read. The truth is we all need a fantasy read in our lives. Here is why.

Fantasy is an intricate world-building

The fantasy world is more complicated and expansive than any other literary genre. Fantasy writers such as Robert Simkus recreate an intriguing world since the stories are not based on reality. Whether it is about magnificent creatures roaming around the sky in spaceships, ancient magic flowing through a hero’s veins, or nations interlocking in wars, the author has to tell the reader what the story is about. He/she must inform the audience of what happens before and after the story to understand the foreign world he/she recreated through his/her imagination.

We all love magic

A little magic is good for our lives. After all, who doesn’t love some, especially the kind that evolves in superpowers, spaceships, and gadgets? Magic is the only reason why fairy tales exist. Fantasy is the reason why we want magic to exist. For instance, we all wanted Santa Claus to be real when we were kids. That is a primitive instinct that usually gets suppressed at the onset of adulthood and the need to get real. The magic in fantasy lets us take a break from reality, which is somewhat satisfying.

Fantasies are about humanity.

All fantasies at the very core are stories about humanity-saving the universe. They talk about humans and their flaws, emotions, courage, victories, defeats, and challenges. That is why many fantasy lovers love stories that deal with human sacrifices, tragedies, real human pain, and human bonds even though they are created in an imaginary realm. As fantasy lovers, we always relate to the stories because while we may not have to sell our souls for our loved ones, we always go the extra mile to take care of the ones we love. We make sacrifices for our loved ones. Everyone plays a part in dealing with emotions that surround human relationships, so the fantasy stories validate that magic and romance exist in our world. That is why fantasies are an excellent coping mechanism for people dealing with loss, tragedy, grief, or mental issues.

Fantasy gives us hope.

We all find refuge in hope. Fantasy reads such as knyga kosmoso platybese gives us that in plenty. People covet perfectionism, and fantasy makes us believe that we are prone to mistakes even with the best resources. Every hero in a story is always flawed despite the magic at their disposal. However, fantasy still gives you the hope that no matter how intense the villainous forces in your life are, you can still win.

The final words

Fantasy authors are free to go where their imagination takes them. That expands the reader’s conception of reality. Everyone needs to escape the real world every once in a while, and unless you own a spaceship, only a fantasy read can take you to space.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.