Empower Your Workforce with CPR AED Certification

Besides weekly offs and good pay, what else do you expect from your workspace? While the answers vary, safety and security top the charts. In today’s world, a working professional spends more time at the office than at home. This behavior stems from the desire to excel at work and get the best promotion. It would help if you always worked in a place that looks after your physical and mental safety. Every office must have basic things like a fire exit and access to emergency doors. But what about dealing with an emergency in-house, like a cardiac arrest? Every employer can equip their workforce with a CPR and AED certification online. It could help in situations like a heart attack or accidental injuries. Read on to understand the hazards you may face at work and the best ways to combat them.

What accidents can occur in a workplace?

Every workplace has a different environment. It would help if you always remained cautious of your surroundings. Most employers try to hand out instructions and safety procedures. But the problem could escalate rapidly if unchecked. Employees could still accidentally hurt themselves by tripping, sometimes fatally. The reasons mentioned below often lead to minor accidents.

  1. Fatigue: Showing up tired to work is like calling the bull to ram your head first. No matter the task’s difficulty, you must always get a good night’s rest. Fatigue could lead to irregular heartbeat and even result in cardiac arrest.
  2. Fire: Most buildings use a large amount of dry wood that could catch fire with a spark. Fires cause more deaths from suffocation than burns.
  3. Falls and Trips: If you work in a place surrounded by unattended wires and littered paperwork, an accident could occur at any time. Falling over may sound normal to many, but it could prove serious if you hit your head or get a concussion.
  4. Lifting Objects: Everyone can do light lifting around the office. But you must follow the safety measures for picking up any heavy things. Do not engage in any such activity if you suffer from heart conditions.
  5. Dehydration: People often need to remember to drink a cup of water when working on important deadlines. But, staying dehydrated slows down the mind and damages the body. A dry body collapses fast and takes a long time to recover, even with the best CPR.
  6. Hazardous Material: Some people need to handle dangerous material daily. You may work at a nuclear power plant or in a high-profile science lab. You must take extra precautions in both cases to wear the right gear. No employee should get exposed as it could prove fatal.

Steps to create a safer workplace environment

Safety at the workplace includes the employees’ mental and physical well-being. Today many renowned companies recognize the workload of their people. Companies even organize retreats to help people relax and perform better. However, the steps below can also help your people feel safe in the workplace.

  1. Every employer must have robust cybersecurity. It will help keep the confidential information of its employees safe.
  2. The essential requirement of any office is to keep it clutter-free. It would help if you planned the interiors with secure wires. Request the employees to keep their trash in check. These small practices keep the place tidy and prevent trips and falls.
  3. It would help if you had the fire and health department check the building as an employer. If you need to make any repairs, ensure you do it when the employees are not around.
  4. Every company must support its employees with a robust health insurance plan. An employee would prefer something that also covers hospitalization. These gestures keep the employees motivated to work.
  5. Your office could run annual health checkups for its employees. It could detect your cholesterol or high blood pressure, saving your life.
  6. The employer could provide employees with CPR and AED certification online. By taking up these courses, you could save a colleague’s life. Once a batch finishes the training, form an office emergency response team.

Benefits of Group training for CPR and AED at workplaces

Once a person starts working, sitting down to study seems like a tough job. However, the human brain requires a constant stimulus to grow. Taking up new courses and upskilling benefits both the employee and the employer. CPR certification online helps you learn a new life-saving skill. Group training has the below-mentioned benefits when taken at the workspace.

  1. Group training encourages people from various departments to come together. This exercise also helps them to get to know one another.
  2. CPR and AED training ensures a robust network of helpers that can save a maximum number of people in crises.
  3. You empower people to create safe work environments by training them in CPR. Many people gain confidence after taking these courses. Some even help as lay responders and save unknown people.
  4. By providing regular training, you create a workforce that relies on one another. Employees will have something in common which binds them. This attitude builds a positive work environment and keeps employees happy.
  5. Once a person learns CPR and AED, they can use them on family members. So, as an employer, you give them more than a monthly payout.
  6. Many companies that conduct CPR courses provide group discounts and corporate offers. As an employer, you will benefit if you teach CPR and AED training online. The courses come with accreditations from AHA.


Your workplace is your second home. It becomes your moral responsibility to keep the people here safe. Every company should give its people a comfortable and stress-free working environment. Both the above statements can only come true when employees learn life-saving skills. One of the most convenient methods for educating employees is through online courses. The American HealthCare Academy offers a comprehensive online CPR and AED training course. They have separate versions for healthcare professionals and bystanders. So, you can even pick the option that suits your company’s policies. Please register on the AHCA website today and avail the group discount offer.

Angela is a senior editor at Dreniq News. She has written for many famous news agencies.