How Technology Is Influencing The Gummy Industry



Technology has become so prevalent that it covers nearly every industry today, even the gummy manufacturing market. From private label nano gummies to liposome gummies that have a much higher bioavailability than other gummies on the market, here are five ways technology is influencing the gummy industry.

Gummy Vitamins and Supplements Become More Popular

The gummy industry has gotten a significant boost in popularity, thanks to technology. That’s right…the good ole fashioned internet. Although this as obviously has nothing to do with the inside of the gummy, information can now spread quickly on the internet, and vitamin brands in gummy form are now more common than they were five, or ten years ago thanks to the technology of the internet. 

Social media, word of mouth, and websites all contribute to the rise of gummy-based supplements, which in itself is more beneficial to the industry as a whole. When there’s a greater audience there’s a greater share in the profit pie. 

Technologies Making More Affordable To Be Made in the USA

Outsourcing gummies from overseas has always been the order of the day for the gummy industry. Remote production is now coming to America due to advances in gummy manufacturing equipment, which now makes it more affordable to be manufactured in the US. In today’s society, it’s perfectly acceptable that companies will tap into external shores and have their work done for them by a firm that’s halfway around the world, but that is changing very fast.

With cheaper computers and better software, the cost of production and even ROI will be favorable for brands and companies who are thinking of debuting their supplement in gummy form and those who wish to introduce a new delivery system for their most popular products can do so.

Greater Bioavailability, Thanks to Nano and Liposomes

Consumers can now get more out of their multivitamins and supplements using nanotechnology. Yes, you read it right, nanotechnology is now influencing the gummy business. Another amazing delivery system for gummies is a liposomal delivery system. Liposomal delivery pertains to shrinking down nutrient particles to a size that allows for greater bioavailability. This means vitamin C, for example, is absorbed quickly and thus the body can use it faster compared to other delivery methods, such as tablets or capsules.

Liposomal and nano are arguably the future of gummy tech since it offers significant health benefits and absorption characteristics. Top gummy manufacturers such as Vitapur Labs can create a nanoparticle down to 60 nanometers, and it’s 100% safe and up to eight times more effective.

Vitapur Labs is a prominent gummy manufacturer with years of experience working with the latest nanotechnology to bring a better gummy product to the market. Liposomal and nano gummies are quickly trending due to the numerous benefits it provides and is a great marketing angle that gives a crowded space, such as gummies, a clear edge over the competition. 

Following the Shift to Health and Wellness Consciousness

Gummies are the preferred method of consumption not just in kids but in adults as well. The beauty of gummy is that it’s versatile and can accommodate nearly every nutrient or supplement available.

The gummy industry rides on the health and wellness boost following the worldwide pandemic. People are now more conscious of their health and well-being than before, which means a focus on health-related products and services. This shift will serve to increase gummy sales and ROI on those who are smart enough to ride the wave.

Shipping Technologies For Quicker Access

Consumers put a premium on convenience and being able to have any product shipped to their doorstep. With so many different QR and bar code scanning tracking for shipping, this gives the end customer a much better and cleaner experience. Now customers can see where their product is from the second they order to the time it is down the street, ready to be dropped off. This is why online e-commerce and shopping have become so popular- people can just browse on their phones, pay, and have the item shipped to a convenient location that is fully tracked, due to greater technologies. 

In closing, technology has made gummy products better and more accessible than ever. Now, you can purchase a gummy vitamin from halfway across the world, which unlocks more choices and has a greater preference for tasty supplements than plain, tablet-based items, and have it delivered to where you are within days. It sure is great to be in the modern world.